IBM company culture

IBM company culture

IBM is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. What makes them such a great company? The secret lies behind IBM company culture.

Razer company culture

Razer company culture

Have you ever wondered what makes Razer so successful? Here you can learn about the key of their accomplishments – Razer company culture!

google company culture and values

Google company culture and values

Google company culture and values have now become legendary as everyone wants to be a part of Google. Here are five reasons why Google’s culture and values have always stood out.

electric scooter brands

Electric scooter brands – which one to choose

In order to choose the right fit for you, it is helpful to know what types of scooters are out there. In this article we’ve gathered some of the most popular and efficient electric scooter brands for you to choose from.

Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle – small bottle, big impact

We are happy to find more and more of awesome sustainable water bottle brands that are trying to change the world day by day. Let us introduce to you an amazing brand that goes by the name of Ocean Bottle

The fun SIGG water bottles

SIGG is a Swiss brand with over one hundred years of history, selling a wide range of high quality reusable drinking bottles. Find out more in this article.

Best gaming headset

Best gaming headset brands

Headsets are an important part of the gaming process. Surely you already have your favorite brand to choose from. However in this article we’ve compiled a few of our favorites – best brands to buy headsets from.