Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle – small bottle, big impact

We are happy to find more and more of awesome sustainable water bottle brands that are trying to change the world day by day. Let us introduce to you an amazing brand that goes by the name of Ocean Bottle

The fun SIGG water bottles

SIGG is a Swiss brand with over one hundred years of history, selling a wide range of high quality reusable drinking bottles. Find out more in this article.

Best gaming headset

Best gaming headset brands

Headsets are an important part of the gaming process. Surely you already have your favorite brand to choose from. However in this article we’ve compiled a few of our favorites – best brands to buy headsets from.

Facts about Stanley products

Facts about Stanley products

Stanley is one of the biggest sustainable drink and food ware brands in the world. In this article we’d like for you to get to know Stanley a little bit better. The best way to do so is reading some fun facts. So here are some facts about the brand.

Bottles with UV sterilization

Bottles with UV sterilization – 2021 trend

Self cleaning water bottles are commonly used with kids. It’s especially important for them to have bacteria free water bottles, so UV sterilization is a great help. And since water bottles for everyday needs are getting more and more popular, UV sterilization could be a great tool for everyone, not just babies.

Best brands in orienteering

Best brands in orienteering

Orienteering is a lifetime sport that challenges both body and mind. The basic equipment required for orienteering is a compass and a pair of sports shoes. However, if you call yourself a competitive orienteer, you know that details matter and most probably look for specialized orienteering equipment.

Aviator sunglases

The history of Aviator sunglasses

From protecting pilots’ – that fly 30 000 feet high – eyes to stylish multicoloured sunglasses, worn by movie stars and fashion icons. Aviator sunglasses are trendy accessories with a very rich and interesting history. … Read more