Amazon company culture: Working for the world’s largest internet company

Former and current employees have linked Amazon’s company culture to the company’s success. Many businesses strive to meet this company’s high standards. In this article we will be  demonstrating why Amazon company culture is so distinctive and why many businesses try to be just like them.

What is company culture?

company culture

A company’s shared standards, norms, and attitudes are referred to as the company culture. People’s experiences at work and how they relate to the company’s external brand and messaging are key considerations.

A company’s culture is what shapes the daily experience employees have there. Additionally, when a company has a strong corporate culture, its workers are dedicated, engaged, and eager to show up for work. And that includes everyone from recent hires all the way up to the leadership group.

What makes Amazon company culture unique?

Amazon company culture

High performance standards

The corporate culture at Amazon is extremely intense, putting a lot of emotional and even physical strain on certain employees. Despite that, LinkedIn named Amazon and Alphabet as the top two companies to work for in the US in 2021.

The reason for this might be attributed to Amazon’s distinctive organizational culture, which is not suitable for everyone. Only workers who can thrive in a high-pressure, fast-paced workplace will be able to stay in this organization.

Staying agile

The two pizza rule is arguably the most infamous human resources innovation introduced by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. This distinctive philosophy dictates that each internal team focusing on company growth must be small enough to be fed by just two pizzas, which has an impact on Amazon’s overall company culture.

As a result, there are fewer meetings, direct communication is encouraged, and Amazon employees have total control over their responsibilities. Small teams have increased output while boosting workplace morale.

Customer oriented approach

Amazon is one of the businesses that prioritizes its consumers above anything else. The purpose of Amazon is to “be the most customer-centric corporation on Earth, where customers can search and discover everything they would like to buy online.”

A high degree of client centricity is one of the foundations of the Amazon corporate culture, and it directly affects a wide range of organizational processes and procedures. The company hires experts who monitor shifting consumer trends and tastes. They gain their clients’ trust and loyalty by appropriately responding to the change in customer demand.

Avoid group thinking

Bezos encourages individuals to question accepted thinking and think outside the box; he prefers healthy conflict to peace. The inventor of Amazon likes to challenge people and challenges himself. Any criticism or disagreement, however, must be backed up by facts. Bezos believes that in order for truth to emerge, ideas and points of view must clash, frequently fiercely.

Diversity in workplace

The importance of workplace diversity is a fundamental part of Amazon’s organizational culture. Black Employees Network, Women in Technology, and GLAmazon, an official employee affinity club for queer employees, are just a some of the groups that the company offers.

Why people criticize amazon company culture?

Amazon company culture criticism

Unfortunately, Amazon is notorious for mistreating the people who work in the warehouse and in transportation. But according to recent reports, Amazon also treats the people who work in white collar positions horribly. The workplace environment has been called “inhumane” and “heartless,” and it has been claimed that workers are treated like “cogs in a machine.”

Employees interviewed attributed work stress primarily to high work performance quotas, as well as other poor working conditions like timed bathroom breaks and having to work in social isolation. This clearly shows that the company culture at Amazon is heavily flawed.

What can we learn from this?

Amazon company culture

Amazon is a business that focuses on outcomes and their workplace culture centers on innovation and productivity. The organization keeps its teams small so that each member has complete accountability for the project at hand.

Employees may address problems without needing permits that might have them turned off thanks to the inclusion of team tenets, which helps them make decisions that benefit the organization.

However, when the goal is to deliver products to customers as rapidly as possible employers can’t ignore taking care of the needs of their own employees. The physical and mental health of the workers should still remain a priority. Look into the company cultures of other tech giants in our other articles: Razer company culture and Google company culture and values.

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