Board games for team building

Team building, also known as team bonding, is an activity designed to strengthen relationships between coworkers, leadership, and even family. Many team building activities involve games or activities that focus on team building. Board games are a type of team building activity that is particularly popular. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some popular board games for team building, as well as some tips for playing these games.


codenames team building

One of the most brilliant board games for team development and team building is Codenames, a guessing game that emphasizes providing and taking instructions. Players split in two teams, there are 25 cards that each have a codename for it. The captain of each team has to use a specific codename that could be correlated with as many cards as possible.

Codenames calls for analytical thinking and attentive listening, which are two key advantages of team-building exercises. To lead the squad without tipping off enemies, spymasters must communicate with teammates as little as possible but meaningfully. In order to determine the spymaster’s intentions, agents must decipher messages. Teams get a lesson in communication and interpretation through Codenames.

Sherlock Holmes – consulting detective

sherlock holmes board agme

You and your colleagues are tasked with investigating some of London’s most terrible murders. Explore the streets, hunt for hints, and compete with other deductive thinkers to solve the mystery. This is one of the greatest board games for team building. It is up to you and your teammates to follow leads, question potential suspects, and put the puzzle pieces together to reveal the truth. 

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, which takes place in the nineteenth century, lets players explore mansions, docks, byways, and the streets of Victorian London. Compare your detective abilities to those of the master himself, Sherlock Holmes, after you have finished your inquiry. Prepare to stretch your brain and evoke the spirit of a bygone era in this game of wit and intelligence.

Reverse charades

reverse charades game

What it sounds like, reverse charades is just that. Instead of one player acting out a term for the entire team, the entire team does so. Communication skills are needed for a group to convey a subtle message. 

A team must work together for the player to correctly guess a word. Individual mimes are able to alter their performances in reaction to audience uncertainty, whereas ensemble pantomimes require greater coordination to alter their strategies. Members of the group will develop their ability to read body language, pick up on clues, and quickly adapt.

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

Board games for team building

You and your colleagues will have to endure difficulties and danger when stranded on a barren island in order to survive in this game. Take on the roles of shipwreck survivors in Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island as you face the largest adventure ever. 

You and your work teammates will have to endure harsh weather, erect shelters, create weapons, go on the hunt for food, and protect yourself from dangerous animals, much like Castaway did. You have the power in this challenging cooperative board game. Discover secrets, look for wealth, and overcome all obstacles by cooperating and sharing knowledge with your colleagues.


pandemic game team building

Pandemic was a popular team-building game before the word pandemic became widely known in the media. As a result of the rules requiring each player to take on a specific role and set of tasks, Pandemic is one of the best board games for team building. 

Every turn, team members will choose an action card and take an action to fight illnesses and find cures. In response to breakouts and other events that take place during the game, players must think and act. In order to achieve the intended outcome, teams might coordinate their activities. When players find treatments for every sickness in the game, Pandemic is ended.


jenga game colleagues

Jenga can be played individually or in groups. Building a tower of wooden blocks with three blocks in each row and alternating the directions of the rows is how you put up Jenga. In order to create fresh rows at the top of the tower, you must remove blocks from the tower’s lower levels. 

The object of the game is to correctly remove and stack the blocks without falling the rest of the tower. The team that brings down the tower loses. While the basic Jenga game fits on a tabletop, you can also get enormous free-standing Jenga sets that are perfect for bigger groups. Jenga serves as a somber reminder that one team member’s error can undermine the efforts of the entire group.

So here were our selections on the best board games for team building. Which one is your favorite?

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