Virtual team building activities

Team building is an important part of every company because it helps the team get to know each other and strengthen their bond. In order to work together and be good at your job, you often need others to lean on, share ideas and be good at teamwork. Now that remote work isn’t so rare anymore, virtual team building activities are what many companies choose.

This amazing world is produced using computer technology in virtual reality. This environment mimics a genuine environment through sound, sight, and touch. Virtual reality team-building exercises are highly respected because they give workers a fun and engaging way to work together and socialize.

In this article learn more on virtual reality and how it can help your teammates experience some fun bonding through virtual team building activities.

Virtual team building activities – games to play

Virtual reality wasn’t employed as a successful team-building tool in the past, but it is now more widely available than ever thanks to advancements in software and application. It offers distinctive opportunities for employees to develop important skills and deepen their work  relationships.

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Virtual team building activities can be experienced through a variety of different kinds of games. Here are a few options to go for.

virtual team building activities

Virtual scavenger hunts

The first option we have chosen is virtual scavenger hunts. This is a game that everybody most likely has played in their childhood at least once. The chase after something specific and the following for clues makes a very interesting game. However not everybody has probably played this game in the virtual world.

Virtual scavenger hunts can be just as exciting, if not even more. Each teammate can be given a list of certain things they have to find or take a photo of, or maybe even do. 

Escape rooms

Another fun idea to add to the list of virtual team building activities is escape rooms. Those are perfect for teammates at work. Escape rooms are always played in groups that have to work together and find an exit of the said room. To do so clues have to be found as well as the right keys, doors etc.

Virtual escape rooms are very similar to games, everybody has their own character. The best team building part is that everybody has to work towards the same goal. This can be very useful to exercise such a valid skill. 

virtual reality games

Sing your heart out at karaoke

A more original and brave approach could be singing your heart out at karaoke. This activity could be especially great for a team of extroverts – ones that do not shy away at such opportunities. Virtually there could still be some groups made that could sing together.

When this kind of activity is being planned, remember to make sure that everybody is comfortable in doing so. The best team building is one where each person can be as involved as they wish to be.

VR pictionary

And finally, one of our favorites – a virtual reality pictionary. Pictionary VR is very similar to the traditional game, in which one person draws, and the other player must guess. With the aid of VR technology, they are able to add considerably more detail and sketch in three dimensions in the VR version.

Through visual communication, pictionary encourages the team to think creatively while also fostering imagination and communication. It is an amazing virtual team building activity for both extroverts and introverts.

So here are all of our virtual team building activities. Which one did you like the most?

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