How to keep avocados fresh

How to keep avocados fresh for longer

In this article how to best protect cut open avocados from spoilage, so that they don’t not lose their freshness, good appearance and great taste properties for several days.

The pros of playing video games

The pros of playing video games

Did you know that it is proven that videogames can be good for you? There are many examples why video games can be good for you. Here we will count down some benefits and the pros of playing video games.

work from home tips

How to stay productive while working from home

While working from home can be very efficient and, no doubt, comfortable, not everybody can maintain their high levels of productivity for long. Therefore it’s important to figure out how to stay productive while working from home.

wine and meal

How to choose wine for your meal

There are some simple tips that will help you choose good wine combinations without having to dig through the history of wine and each harvest season’s taste qualities.

stay hydrated

Drink more water while gaming

Staying hydrated is important during the day. It also applies to gaming because drinking water during a game can improve your performance. Here are some tips on how to not forget about it.

revolut card

Revolut is an effective choice for daily payments

The money transfer between various cards has become unnecessarily expensive. It is for free only if the beneficiary and the sender are clients of the same bank. The Revolut card is a good option in this and many more areas. More on that in the following article.

comfortable flight

Have a comfortable flight

While traveling is a great way to explore, gather your thoughts and recharge, it can also get exhausting. To make this experience as enjoyable as it can be, here are some tips on how to have a comfortable flight.

cofee hot

How to keep coffee hot longer

For many a cup of coffee is a real lifesaver. It helps to begin each morning. Only sometimes daily tasks get in the way and you realise you’ve forgot your coffee, and now it’s luke warm. For that not to happen, read this article.