Showcase the Best Gadgets with Countertop Display Stands

One of the main challenges of running a store that sells gadgets is how to effectively display the newest and best tech products. Gadgets have become very popular in this modern world and at times it might feel like they sell themselves. However customers often want to try gadgets out before buying them. Countertop display stands could help give them that chance.

Besides, countertop display stands also offer a visually appealing solution for spotlighting these items. And of course they are also effective because customers do want to buy them once they see the shiny gadgets. 

So in this article we will explore how to use countertop display stands for the best lighting techniques, strategic product placement, and eye-catching strategies. This will surely help you draw customers’ attention to the products you most want to sell.

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The best lighting techniques for countertop display stands

The use of lighting in a retail environment is a very important strategy. It is critical not only for functionality but also for creating the desired atmosphere and directing customers’ attention to specific products. 

For stores that sell gadgets, lighting can help highlight the sophistication and sleek design of the products.

For example, we all know the store of Apple and how they are not only selling the product but also the design. Similarly the store needs to rethink about selling the beauty, not only the gadget itself. And good lighting can greatly benefit the sales.

Here are some lighting techniques that can enhance your countertop display stands:

  • Spotlighting – use focused, directional lighting to draw attention to specific products. This technique is especially useful for highlighting high-value items or new arrivals.
  • Backlighting – illuminate products from behind to create a dramatic effect. This will  emphasize the silhouette of a gadget, highlight its design and form.
  • Ambient lighting – soft, diffused lighting can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Combine this with stronger spotlighting to guide customer attention to certain products.

For example, a flagship smartphone could be placed on a display stand with a spotlight to accentuate its sleek design. But then again ambient lighting is best used around the store to maintain a comfortable browsing environment.

strategic product placement

Make sure your product placement is strategic

Product placement on countertop display stands plays a key role in capturing customer interest and influencing purchasing decisions. It’s not just about what products you display, but also how and where you display them.

Here are 3 product placement strategies for your countertop displays:

  1. Eye-level is buy-level – place your high margin items or best sellers at eye level to attract customer attention.
  2. Group by theme or function – display products that are commonly used together or have similar functions. This can prompt customers to consider additional purchases.
  3. Highlight new arrivals – use separate stands to showcase new arrivals, keeping your store fresh and encouraging customers to explore.

For example, you might display a newly released smartwatch on a separate stand at eye-level. But then put accessory items such as bands or charging docks nearby. That will encourage customers to consider the additional purchase.

Simple strategies to draw customer attention

Attracting customer attention is the first step towards a sale. There are several strategies you can employ with your countertop display stands to grab customer interest and direct them towards your best products.

Here are some techniques to consider:

  • Use of signage – bold, clear signage can effectively communicate product features, pricing, or promotional offers.
  • Interactive displays – you could consider displays that allow customers to try out the gadget. Interactive experiences can significantly boost interest and likelihood of purchase.
  • Frequent updates – regularly changing your displays keeps your store looking fresh and encourages repeat visits. Make a point of rotating products, especially on prominent display stands.

In practice, you might set up a display stand for a newly launched gaming console. Then complete it with signage detailing its unique features and interactive demo allowing customers to try out a game. Simple and so effective!

Countertop Display Stands

Countertop best sellers when it comes to gadgets

Specific best sellers may vary based on location, target demographic, and time of year. But certain product categories consistently perform well such as phones, for example. 

So positioning these items on your countertop displays can attract customer attention and drive sales.

Here are some examples of best seller gadget products:

  • Smartphones and accessories – with new models being released frequently, smartphones are consistently a major draw for customers. 
  • Phone accessories – such as cases, screen protectors, and earphones, are also top sellers due to their utility and lower price point.
  • Fitness trackers and smartwatches – wearable tech has seen a surge in popularity, with many consumers interested in tracking their health and fitness. 
  • Wireless earbuds – given their convenience and growing variety in terms of price and features, wireless earbuds are a hot item. High-end models from popular brands can also serve as an impulse purchase.
  • Portable chargers and power banks – with the heavy use of smartphones and other mobile devices, portable chargers have become a necessity for many people.
  • Smart home devices – items such as smart speakers, connected light bulbs, and other home automation products have gained traction, thanks to the growing interest in smart home technology.
  • VR headsets – and lastly as VR technology becomes more accessible and affordable, VR headsets have become a trending product, especially among gaming enthusiasts.

Place these popular gadget items on your countertop display stands and take advantage of their high-demand status. 

Pair this strategy with the lighting techniques, strategic product placement, and attention-drawing strategies. That way you will surely learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your display stands.


When utilized correctly, countertop display stands serve as an effective tool for showcasing your best gadget products. Make sure to strategically implement lighting techniques, product placement, and customer attention strategies. 

This will help you increase visibility, captivate customer interest, and ultimately drive sales for new arrivals, best sellers, and high-margin items. 

Also make sure to remember that regular assessment and adjustment of these displays will ensure your store continues to engage and entice customers with its product offerings.

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