What is onboarding for App developer


The process of incorporating a new developer into your company is called developer onboarding. Your team’s success depends on how well your developer onboarding program works. This involves introducing your new developer to the company’s organizational, technical, and social practices.

This procedure naturally begins with hiring. The best onboarding program, however, lasts many weeks and involves content, tools, training, and regular check-ins. Disasters happen when firms don’t properly onboard new staff. And the new employee is frequently held accountable first. 

However, whether you realize it or not, a deficient onboarding program is what generates a lot of difficulties down the road. In this article find out what is onboarding for app developers and how it looks. 

Strategy for onboarding freelancer app developer

There are a few steps in the strategy for what is onboarding for an app developer. Here are some of those main steps.

1. Develop financial model

Establish your budget. Make a list of every criteria you have. Include online and mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Decide if you want to hire a freelancer or a company that develops apps. 

2. Dive for talent

“How can I employ an app developer?” is a question you might be asking. Or “Where can I hire a developer for an app?” If you’re searching for a freelance app developer, the iPhoneDevSDK forum is a great place to start.

Visit Android Forums or AndroidPit if you’re seeking a freelance app developer. Communities for general mobile app developers, such as Koding, Top coder, NewAppIdea, and Polycom, may be useful. 

Additionally, search for official developer communities on Google, Facebook, Apple, and Windows. Employing employment platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, and even Reddit, you may opt to hire an app developer.

3. Screening

This is the initial step for onboard app developers. What factors do you take into account while choosing something? 

You should seek developers that have worked on similar or identical apps in the same niche in addition to hiring app developers with years of experience.

4. Stay tune with developer

You should get in touch with the development business immediately after doing your research on them and their rivals. 

While keeping in mind your requirements, enquire about their technology, user experience, design skills, and payment structure. Interviews must be held with the developers you want to hire.

5. Make an all-inclusive request

It’s not only about coding if you want to create your software to the last detail. Building an app entails more than simply code. 

You’ll need to employ someone to do business research, a designer to create the app’s UI/UX, and perhaps even a QA tester to test the code and fix any flaws. If you want to build an app like this, you’ll need an app development team.

6. Onboarding the team

It’s time to onboard the best app developers right away. Once you’ve chosen an appropriate development team, you may discuss your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your code and terms and conditions. 

After you’ve signed the necessary agreements, you may start the process of onboarding with your app development team.

What is onboarding for App developer

Onboarding process flow

Here are the steps that shortly describe what is onboarding process is like for app developers.

  1. HR managers send email through officials.
  2. Write a contract and deliver T&C of the platform.
  3. Ask for previous work samples.
  4. Conduct a technical interview.
  5. Check online reviews and simulation tests.
  6. Check the work portfolio and experience.
  7. Send a non-disclosure-agreement.
  8. Develop a communication system.
  9. Upgrade project management platforms.
  10. Increase payroll.
  11. Create benefit and compensation plans.
  12. Prepare all paperwork connected to your job (App developing technical documents).

Appealing skills for an app developer to get hired

Each job title requires certain skills in order to be productive and great at your job. Here are the qualities needed for app developers.

Technical skills

Knowledge of the several technologies needed for a project is the most crucial trait for a developer. Verify the developer’s background working with several technologies, ideally on projects that are similar to yours.


Freelance developers must be on time at all times. This rule applies to stand-ups and team meetings in addition to the timely delivery of the necessary code. 


Along with having technological expertise, developers must also be adaptable in their job. They must modify their work habits in accordance with the project’s demands, plan their time accordingly, and adhere to deadlines.

Independent working ability

App Development, as previously indicated, is predominantly a distant activity with little possibilities for face-to-face engagement. 

Soft abilities

Even if a brilliant freelance software developer possesses excellent technical abilities, and field knowledge.

Ability to think critically

There are issues that need to be fixed all the time for software engineers. An essential talent for this job is the capacity to swiftly and critically examine challenges.

Developing skills

Software engineers/App developers acquire new skills considerably more frequently than other professions do in order to stay current.

Management Skills

Developmental skills and effective communication are tightly intertwined. The ideal developer must be able to clearly express the project’s objectives, concepts, and problems.

What is onboarding

Post-onboarding processes

After the onboarding process has ended, the post-onboarding process begins. This is when the employee gets more responsibilities to work independently. 

Newly boarded trainees will go through the below mentioned flow.

  1. CTO will give out a pilot app development project.
  2. Program coordinator will Schedule end-of-day meetings with a mentor.
  3. Set up team one-on-one sessions.
  4. Motivational and mentoring sessions will be conducted by managers. 
  5. CTO will assess performance and status of the workload daily.
  6. The CTO will assess the onboarding procedure and solicit comments.
  7. Create a thorough learning and meeting strategy.

So now you know more about what is onboarding looks like for the new app developers.

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