Razer company culture


One of the most recognizable logos in the global gaming and esports communities is Razer’s triple-headed snake trademark. The company has created and built the greatest gamer-focused environment of hardware, software, and services in the world, with a fan following that spans every continent.

Razer is transforming the way people play games, engage with other gamers and identify with the gamer lifestyle. The gaming world is all about being competitive and having fun at the same time and so is Razer company culture.

What is Razer well known for?

Razer company culture

Founded in 2005 by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff, Razer, Inc. is a company based in California. Razer designs and creates high-quality gaming products, which aim to meet the ever-growing demands of one of the toughest and most unforgiving communities on or offline – gamers. Razer’s motto is “For Gamers, By Gamers”, and that is exactly what the two founders had in mind.

Years later the company is living up to its mission statement and its founders’ dreams, and with each new release, Razer sets the standard for gaming industry. Nowadays, Razer employs hundreds of people all over the world, and it designs software, hardware, and devices meant primarily for gamers and the gaming community. The company has a very devoted following, and it also sponsors professional gamers, tournaments, and other events related to the gaming industry.

What is Razer company culture like?

Here are some insights into what the Razer company culture is really like.

Innovative environment and approaches

Razer company culture

The wonderful thing about Razer company culture is that they always strive to improve their products. Their management is frequently receptive to considering fresh approaches to connecting with and attracting customers. Employees think that senior management is accessible and amenable to communication at any time.

Razer believes that innovation occurs when the strength of each team member’s idea and expertise are blended. Their work climate is collaborative, peer learning is encouraged, and one-man shows are notorious in the demanding and quick-moving atmosphere.

Set company goals and values

Razer company goals

Razer company culture is very high performing and they expect the highest from each individual. There’s a high gaming spirit at Razer. They want to do their best to compete and win. As long as the tasks get finished on time, they also support flexible working hours.

Working for Razer means leading the most exciting industry in the world—video games. All the employees follow the same goal of bringing players and their favourite games closer together.

Health is a priority

Razer health insurance

Razer company culture is all about keeping their employees safe and healthy. Along with health insurance, they also offer dental and vision insurance.

Weekly yoga and runs are offered by Razer to help keep staff members in shape. Even more initiatives focusing on worker mental wellness began to be implemented in 2020.

Can’t forget about fun

Razer snacks and drinks

There’s always fun at Razer. They want to make sure the employees work hard and at the same time, play hard as well. The staff is encouraged to play games at the gaming area. In addition, they receive a gaming allowance of US$120 a year to invest in their gaming lifestyle.

Another bonus is unlimited snacks, the pantry is always full of unlimited foods, snacks and drinks at the disposal. There are many other pros why one should work for Razer, for example, free lunch, great learning opportunities, great project lead opportunities.

Maintaining positive atmosphere

Razer mental support program

Razer has recently created a Thumbs Up campaign. The inspiration came from giving hand-written thank you notes to one another rather than virtual thumbs-up. Razer wanted to encourage staff to take the time and effort to pen down their appreciation and have these eye-catching green post-its prominently displayed around the office.

According to Razer’s Chief of Staff Patricia Liu, people are more appreciative of one another, and managers and team leads are more on the look-out for positive behaviours. It is heartening to see that not only did they receive a high volume of entries, the term ‘Thumbs Up’ had become an internal day-to-day lingo synonymous to ‘thank you’!”

What can we learn from Razer company culture?

Razer company culture

What sets Razer company culture apart is its ongoing commitment to the world of gaming, and to those who are a part of it – whether they be novices, veterans, or top-tier professionals. George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “we don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”.

Razer’s story is one of determination and ambition. The two founders overcame difficulties and failures in order to realize their shared dream. That is part of what makes them such a good team. They did this because they believed they had something new to offer the gaming world. They wanted to provide gamers with everything they needed on the long hard road to victory.

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