Best choice for gamers – Razer brand

Razer prides itself as the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. It creates some of the best gaming tech you can find – gaming laptops, keyboards, headsets, mice and many other gadgets.

There is everything you might need, no matter if you‘re a casual gamer or a pro gamer. To read some of the product reviews, see the article – Best Razer Gaming Headsets

Read on and learn more about what makes Razer such a big name in the gaming world.

The beginning of Razer

Razer was founded in 2005, by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff. The idea for the company was born from a need to meet the technical demands of new games and the requirements of players.

It started as a company developing gaming mice, but in a short period of time expanded to offer other peripheral products like headsets, keyboards and GPUs, among many other things. And now, Razor has established itself as a major brand in the world of PC gaming.

 “For gamers. By gamers.”

With the slogan “For gamers. By gamers.“ – Razer truly means it. Razer‘s co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan has been gaming all his life. He views Razer as an opportunity to build a gaming community. He also prefers to go by the name Chief Gamer, for his gamer fans.

And with that, he likes to make himself accessible to his fans, by attending opening events and making them feel as he’s one of their own.

Even Razer’s employees must have some interest in gaming. The famous number one job interview question at Razer is “Are you a gamer?”

razer brand

Striving for perfection

The main reason why Razer wants its employees to be gamers is to make sure that their team creations are something that they themselves would want to use. This is how the company makes sure to supply gamers only with the best quality hardware.

As Min-Liang Tan himself revealed, Razer invests generous amounts of money in research, design and development. Razer‘s three-headed snake logo has now become a symbol for gamers who want to feel confident that they are using elite gaming equipment.

Razer involvement in eSports

Razer is also known as one of the top sponsors in eSports. It sponsors not only gaming events and tournaments but also individual teams and players.

However, it offers its sponsorship only to the elite gamers and teams. The proof is in the statistics – majority of the teams and individual players hold at least one champion title. Razer unites its sponsored teams and players under one name – Team Razer.

With all the success Razer has had so far, it continues to have ambitious plans for the future. Thinking about current trends, the company has taken interest also in virtual reality and mobile gaming.

As always, Razer brand is striving to keep up with the demands of the gaming community.

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