Best educational wall decals for kids

Each person’s room is a place for them to relax, to feel free and also learn something new. Especially for kids – their room can be a kingdom of their imagination and whatever they like. Educational wall decals are a good way to improve the interior of a child’s room and give their room something really valuable.

You can learn a lot from different wall decals – counting, reading, recognizing animals, countries, transports, etc. We’ve compiled the main pros of wall decals in this article.

At the end of this article, we have selected some examples of educational wall decals that will not only look beautiful but also help the child learn something new.

The main pros of educational wall decals

educational wall decals alphabet

The child’s room has a huge impact on their physical and mental health as well as their ability to learn. A proper room setting can be very valuable for a child’s growth. Especially if you choose a wallpaper or wall decal that can teach your kid something new.

Here are the main benefits of educational wall decals.

Improving skills or learning something new

Wall decals can develop creative skills and inspiration in children. This, in turn, is good for being more creative, improving imagination, decision-making and the learning of new languages.

Wall decals may vary, but educational ones mostly aim to teach a child something new. One of the most surprising observations we know is improvements in children’s academic abilities. In addition to all of the above, wall decals can also boost focus capacity.

The key is to find a wall decal that inspires your kids. It must be something that suits the age and interests of your child. They can be superheroes, animals, machines, space etc. An educational wall decal is made of added value: digits, facts, visibility of symbols or colors, inspiration, etc.

Wall decals are easy to maintain

There is a myth that wall decals are difficult to maintain. That is not only false, it is in fact super easy to clean the wall decals. They can be compared to wallpaper for kitchens, which are usually made of easy-to-clean materials. Wall decals designed for children’s rooms are quite similar.

In addition, wall decals are brilliant at not damaging the surfaces of your walls. These types of labels are easy to remove and move to another wall or room if needed. 

An easy way to cover imperfections

We all at some point have probably felt like amazing artists – especially in childhood. At times it might’ve even seemed appropriate to use walls as canvas and draw something on your room’s walls. Therefore there might be some ‘’artwork’’ on your walls, some damage and maybe even holes in the walls.

These wall decals are a great way to hide all of those imperfections. The wall looks brand new in minutes!

This cover up is especially good and maybe even needed when the wall has been smeared with stains and uncleanable patches. For example, it is very difficult to clean oil stains. Here comes the wall decals that will let you forget all the stains.

Examples of educational wall decals

We’ve found a great brand that offers you a variety of wall decals for children at very friendly prices. The offer also contains amazing educational wall decals, some of which we have included down below.

Colorful alphabet letters

educational wall decals alphabet letters

This one right here is a beautiful and colorful wall label with an alphabet. It gives the child an opportunity to learn all the letters and make cute associations with different animals.

The wall decal is bright and colorful and doesn’t take too much space. It would be suitable if there was a bit of free space in the child’s room on a wall. It is suitable for little children, however when the child has learned the alphabet, the wall decal can always be replaced with something more challenging.

Types of vehicles

educational wall decals vehicles

Often in childhood, especially for boys, there is a passion for different forms of transportation. It all starts with cars and motorcycles until suddenly the kid is also interested in ships, tractors, airplanes and submarines. If this is also your case, this is a great way to combine a child’s fascination with teaching them something valuable.

This wall decal lets your kid have a cool wall as well as teach them all of the names and spellings of different kinds of vehicles. Super fun, bright and useful!

Height chart wall decal

educational wall decals height chart

This one is a very special wall decal since it will let the whole family see your child’s growth. In many homes it’s almost a tradition to sacrifice one wall and once a year or every couple of months measure your kid’s height. While the idea is amazing, you have to admit – the wall is not always left the prettiest. That’s when this wall decal comes in handy.

It serves totally the same purpose only it’s looking aesthetically pleasing and we are sure your kid would love it. This in particular is a fairy tale tree. Wouldn’t it be so exciting to see your kid reach the birdie, then the squirrel and then eventually the owl too?

It’s also an amazing gift idea for a small kid or their parents. It would also be a sweet gift to give parents if they’re moving. Check out our other article Housewarming gift ideas for sharing happiness for more ideas.

Learning numbers

educational wall decals numbers

Here’s an adorable wall decal that’s made for kids who are learning the numbers. It’s made with some cool monsters. With every birthday the kid will be able to recognise their age changing according to the illustrations on the wall.

It’s a great way to enhance your kid’s space, make it more colorful and educational. While learning it’s important to have fun with it. And what says fun more than these goofy monsters?

World map

educational wall decals continents

Another fun wall decal with the world map on it. This map is split into continents. To make it more fun, there are also a variety of animals for the kid to make associations with. Children will be able to learn about different parts of the world in a fun and memorable way.

Besides animals, there are also marine life members and all the oceans. This wall decal is perfect for refreshing and brightening up the kid’s room.

That’s it from us. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this fun article about some of the educational wall decals we found!

There are also many amazing wall decals for grownups, which you can check out in our other article Decorative wall decals – a way to revamp home interior.

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