Vapro: orienteering brand and its most popular products

Vapro is a brand that’s based in Sweden. They create a bunch of different gadgets and accessories for different kinds of sports. In their wide offer you will be able to find something useful for sports like skiing, biking, orienteering, running and some other active way of lifestyle.

In this article we would like to introduce you a little bit more with the brand, its story and the wide range of products. 

We’ve listed the most popular Vapro products in hopes you will learn something new and see what they are offering. Hopefully you’ll find a new gadget that will make your active lifestyle easier and more convenient.

Vapro – a Swedish sports accessories brand

Since Vapro is a brand that comes from Sweden, they are used to the Nordic sports and the conditions they are often exposed to. That’s why their goal, what we can assume from their products, is to offer the most efficient and comfortable gadgets for different kinds of sports.

In their wide range of products they have accessories such as bicycle helmets for children, airtrim masks with filters, ski gloves and underwear, glasses, convenient accessories for bikes, equipment for orienteering and so much more.

Most popular Vapro products

All in all there are quite a lot of products of the Vapro brand from which some of the most popular ones we have listed below.

Description holder

Description holder

First product we want to mention is the Vapro description holder that’s made especially for orienteering. That way you can clearly see everything you must and you can easily move around. 

You also do not have to worry about it getting wet in the rain because it is made of durable material with weather-resistant clear plastic front cover. There are also adjustable elastic straps to keep the description holder in the right position on the forearm. 

For more convenience it comes in two different sizes – Small and Large. Small is  15 cm * 7.5 cm, however the Large one is 20 cm * 7.5 cm.

Orienteering glasses

Orienteering glasses

The second product in our top list are the Vapro orienteering glasses. These are especially important for glasses wearers orienteers, because they are super anti-fog. Their ventilation holes are made to  prevent glasses from fogging up, especially when it’s raining or humid outdoors.

These classic models of sport glasses are suitable for easy and convenient map reading. Their special downcut design makes it easy to see in the distance by looking over the glasses and read the map through the lens with a dioptre

They come in a case with elastic bands, a small spray bottle with a protective agent and a cleaning cloth. Available in the strength +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0, +3.5 and +4.0.

Vapro gaiters

Vapro gaiters

The next thing an orienteer can not perform as well without are gaiters. Vapro also has some range of gaiters that are durable and lightweight.

Mostly orienteering gaiters are supposed to provide extra protection for your legs against undergrowth in a dense forest and other similar areas. They also heal a lot to keep mud and debris out of the shoes.

You can check out more in the page Gaiters

Ski drinkbelt 

Ski drinkbelt

And another super cool gadget is the Vapro Ski drinkbelt. It is very important to hydrate during activities that take a lot of energy from you. Orienteering and skiing (our examples) are activities that take a lot of strength, especially if you’re doing it professionally. Therefore you always have to have a water bottle with you. This belt makes it convenient.

You can easily attach it to yourself and not worry about it during your exercise. Also you don’t have to stop and look for your bottle of water. Because it will always be right there where you can see it and easily grab it when needed.

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Stay active!

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