Decorative wall decals – a way to revamp home interior


Majority of of people don’t even know that decorative wall decals exist, but most of those who know, just don’t consider them when thinking about home interior improvements. This is an amazing alternative to a custom wall painting that is usually a very expensive thing to have. And once you do it, it’s not removable. 

Probably one of the reasons people tend not to give decals a try is that it is really hard to find what fits your wall. However it’s a very attractive area to explore and to look for your next home design improvements.

So let’s have a little deep dive into this with a help of our friends at

The most popular wall decals

According to Eva, the head designer at, three of the most demanded wall decals categories are – wall decals for watercolor style nursery (such as balloons, cartoon animals, fairy tale themes etc.), flowers and plants.

Eva says that guys at Stickerinos are the most proud of their freshly made flower collection that is a result of many months of work with artists and designers (you can explore it at Wall decals flowers). It features more than 35 different flower designs that you may want to pick for your own make-over.

Here are some examples: aren’t they beautiful? 

flower wall decal

Which wall decal should you get

It is really about your own preference, but definitely some gorgeous flower or a flower bouquet wall decal would look great in a minimalistic design living room. Some plants, leaves or vegetation could really freshen up your white bathroom wall or even kitchen back wall.

However, when it comes to your nursery – your children would probably really love to see some cute animals (bunnies, bears, funny giraffes or unicorns) or flying balloons in the clouds. Also, consider throwing in some wall pattern and there you go – nursery has become a true fairy tale thematic room that your children will absolutely love.

wall decals for children

If you would like to have even more insight, guys at have put together an amazing blog article on their TOP 10 trends in wall decals, based on their customer preferences. Make sure you head there and read some more.

If you are looking to improve your space even more, check out some of the tips in our other article How to make your room cozy.

May your room make-over be beautiful!

If you’re looking for an educational wall idea for your kids rooms, Best educational wall decals for kids.

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