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Orienteering is a lifetime sport that challenges both body and mind. The basic equipment required for orienteering is a compass and a pair of sports shoes. However, if you call yourself a competitive orienteer, you know that details matter and most probably look for specialized orienteering equipment. 

Fast and stable thumb compass, running shoes with studs that deliver superior grip on off-trail terrain, light, durable and fast wicking sports clothing and more.

In this article you will find out more about the world’s famous brands that offer best orienteering equipment to boost your confidence, improve your capacity and let you reach maximum performance.

Trimtex – durable clothes for the Nordic grit

trimtex clothing

If you expect leading technical clothing with outstanding quality and unique designs then Trimtex is the right choice for you. The brand stands out for premium quality clothing – classic Trimtex orienteering pants, running tights, shirts, training trousers, socks, Trimtex headbands, orienteering gaiters. Made of durable, lightweight materials that have been tested at Nordic conditions.

Established in Norway in 1976, this year Trimtex celebrates its 45 birthday. Initial business idea was to produce training suits in their own club colors but they soon spotted their own niche in special clothing to the orientation market. 

Trimtex was the first company to create orienteering suits in specially developed material.  Further development was in creating bike wear, ski suits and triathlon sets. Now Trimtex is a leading sportswear company in Nordics and best-known orienteering clothing company all over the world.

Brand’s web page: rimtex

Noname – innovative sportswear brand helping to maximize your performance

noname clothing

Noname has wide clothing offer in sports segments like running, track&field, orienteering, xc skiing, cycling, gymnastics, swimming and cheerleading.

No matter if you are a world class orienteer or if you just run for your own fun, Noname has products that will help you go all the way, like these Noname running pants. They offer training and warm-up suits, racing shirts and a big selection of trousers and pants for every level of orienteering.

Noname is a genuine Scandinavian sports brand, established in 1999, specializing in custom made training and racing apparel for clubs and companies.

Brand’s web page: nonamesport

Inov-8 – adventure is always near

inov-8 clothing

Inov-8 is a footwear, clothing and equipment brand for committed trail and off-road runners, fitness athletes and adventure-seeking hikers who push boundaries and stretch limits.

First of all, orienteers know the Inov-8 brand by light, fast and always innovative Inov-8 footwear. Orienteering and trail running shoes with toughest grip for the most difficult off−trail terrain, from mud and rock to ice and frozen ground. Engineered to be super light and responsive, giving the ultimate grip and protection. 

Inov-8 sportswear has a wide range of running tights, shirts, jackets, socks and more. They’re always light, designed for performance, and offer protection and comfort no matter of workout, race or weather conditions. 

Inov-8 was founded in 2003 In the United Kingdom and is known as a world leader in grip. The brand lives by the philosophy that an athletes’ interaction with the environment is the single most important factor when designing products. Inov-8 stands for light, fast and always innovative sportswear and footwear.

Brand’s web page: inov-8

Icebug – shoes that save the world from slipping

icebug footwear

Icebug makes shoes that save the world from slipping – raising the bar for sustainability in the industry and making it easier to get outdoors. Since 2019 Icebug is the first climate positive outdoor footwear brand.

Icebug is a well known and preferred brand for many orienteers and off-trail athletes regardless if they are world champions or amateurs. Every orienteer in the world needs a low-weight, non-absorbing studded shoe that can withstand demanding terrain and provide unrivalled combination of low weight, ground control, support and traction. All Icebug shoes are made with a sustainability idea behind – to reduce the environmental impact.

Icebug was founded in 2001, and is still an independent, privately owned company. Business idea was to sell well-gripping shoes with dynamic steel studs. The idea was that the shoes, in addition to keeping feet warm and dry, would save people from the winter’s biggest problem – slipping.

Brand’s web page: icebug

VJ Sport – shoes with exceptional durability, grip and high quality

vj sport footwear

VJ Sport orienteering and off-trail shoes are well known due to cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and superior grip. Preferred by many athletes in various all-terrain sports including trail running, OCR, sky running, and orienteering.

Special features in VJ Sport shoes are star-shaped carbon steel studs that offer superior grip to the traditional round studs and innovative Fitlock system designed to tighten the shoe on the inside and under the arch of your foot.

Story of VJ sports begins in Finland in 1981 when a shoemaker and orienteering enthusiast could not find the right shoe for his sport. Now the company represents high-performance and well-designed products that will stand the test of time. 

Brand’s web page: vjsport

NVii – the fastest shoe in the world for orienteering, OCR, swimrun and trail

nvii shoes

If you are looking for the lightest orienteering, OCR or trail shoe, then NVii brand is made for you. NVii shoes and their Crazy Light models are speed racers designed for the best and fastest athletes. Forest Line – ultra protective, comfortable and durable shoes for those who run over the most demanding terrain. 

Innovation is at the heart of every shoe model, combining high technology materials for shoe durability, responsiveness and grip.

NVii brand was first introduced in 2019, combining expertise of World Orienteering Champions Thierry Gueorgiou and Petter Thorsten, Noname Sport and Str8 Compass. NVii states the following – WE DON’T MAKE COMPROMISES, WE MAKE RACE SHOES.

Brand’s web page: nviisport

MosCompass – high quality orienteering compasses


MosCompass creates compasses for work in extremely competitive conditions when exact definition of an azimuth is required at fast walking and running.

Moscow compasses are recognized all over the world and operate on all continents. Thanks to important characteristics like speed of setting of a needle and stability at movement MosCompass compasses are highly recognized by professional orienteers as well as amateurs. They’ve been used by many national teams and world orienteering and related sports champions.

MosCompass compasses have a balancing system with needles balanced for each magnetic zone, thus making them operate precisely on all continents.

Moscow Compass company was founded in 1992 in Russia and specializes in manufacture of compasses for sports and tourism.

Brand’s web page: moscompass

Silva – for people who spend time on outdoor activities

silva clothing

Silva products are made for everyone and every activity outdoors – regardless if the activity is  running, skiing, commuting to school or work.

Silva compasses are the best known compasses in the market. Silva stands out with world class performance in needle speed and settling time and it offers outstanding reliability and stability. Clean designs provide lots of transparency and increase the map visibility. Thoroughly developed and durable compass base plates provide perfect contact between thumb and map.

In 1933, Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invented the first ever liquid-filled compass. Then, in 1935, the first headlamp – Zeiler – was launched and the SILVA brand was born. Now Silva is worldwide famous for its innovative high-performance orienteering and marine compasses, headlamps and hydration packs.

Brand’s web page: silva

SPORTident – Any time. Any location. Any weather.

sportident accessories

SPORTident develops innovative services and products to support the preparation, execution and provision of results for both leisure and competitive sporting events.

Orienteers all over the world know SPORTident accessories by the most popular product -SI Card- electronic chip that allows to register time in the control station during the race. The newest version – SIAC- is a contactless chip that allows it to register time in a proximity range of up to 3 meters and finish the identification cycle in only 60 ms. It lets you enjoy the race without a need to stop and can be adapted to multiple sports activities – running, mountain biking, orienteering races etc.

For orienteer race organizers SPORTident offers main infrastructure devices to enable time keeping and identification at check points. All stations are mechanically robust, waterproofed, easy to set up and manufactured to work for many years.

SPORTident has offered its products and services since the year 1996. Initially a new electronic punching system was developed, which became the most successful timing equipment for orienteering worldwide. Then a contactless timing system was introduced and now SPORTident works on integrating a new GPS system.

Brand’s web page: sportiden

Vapro – Swedish orienteering equipment

vapro clothing and accessories

Vapro is a Swedish brand that offers Vapro orienteering accessories, sports clothing, airtrim masks for running in cold weather and so much more.

If you are orienteer that needs glasses to read a map, then most probably you know Vapro downcutted orienteering glasses. The special downcutted design makes it easy to see in the distance by looking over the glasses and reading the map through the lens with a dioptre.

Vapro is also well known by orienteering description holders of various sizes and models. More on Vapro read in the article Vapro: orienteering brand and its most popular products.

Brand’s web page: vhsport

Hopefully you enjoyed this article and found some useful information! 

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