Gadgets that will help you drink more water

Hydration is an important task to fulfill on an everyday basis, yet it can get forgotten. Especially when you find yourself busy in meetings, hectic work schedules etc. Then it’s important to step aside from your work and remember to take a breather, and drink some water.

There are many different kinds of helpful gadgets that’ve been invented for the sole purpose of reminding people to hydrate. It can be a cool smart water bottle or a futuristic add-on reminder. If it succeeds at reminding you to drink water more frequently, then its mission has been fulfilled!

In this article we’ve compiled a list of a few gadgets that will help you drink more water during the day. 

A smart water bottle

Any water bottle would do just fine, yet a smart water bottle is one of the most popular choices nowadays. It is so because smart water bottles are created to remind you to drink more water. A simple water bottle is great but it doesn’t necessarily remind you to take a sip once in a while. A smart water bottle does.

They usually let you know when it’s been a while since the last time you took a sip of water. Each brand is different, but the most common way of reminding to drink is for the water bottle to start lighting up or sending you a notification through a sound. That way it’s impossible to miss a reminder.

A smartwatch

If you already have a smartwatch, add another function to it about remembering to drink enough water during the day. Since your smartwatch is with you literally the whole day, it will be impossible for you to miss a reminder. 

Every health app already has a water tracking function, so it is likely that your smartwatch will definitely have one too. If not, you can always download some great apps that will do the job for you. This way, drinking water is easy and efficient!

Gadgets that will help you drink more water

Hydration reminder Ulla

There are a few hydration reminders out there too. One of the most popular ones is Ulla – the world’s first hydration reminder bottle attachment. It’s a little gadget that can be attached to your water bottle. What’s great about it is that it doesn’t require a specific water bottle size or material. It fits each and every bottle equally.

Hydration reminder Ulla is fully automated. It regularly tracks when you drink water and reminds you to do it all throughout the day. It blinks before dehydration kicks in, that way you will never get dehydrated with Ulla. Besides this gadget comes in fun and cute designs. One being a little cactus picture reminding to drink water, it says – Don’t be a cactus! 

Infused water bottle

Another useful gadget to have is an infused water bottle. Yes, it is another water bottle, but this one will be perfect for you if drinking water simply feels boring to you. Not everyone loves drinking water – it can seem boring, plain and flavorless. To fix that, they invented infused water bottles, so you can add flavor to your water.

You can infuse your water with berries, cut up fruits, lemons, different herbs etc. Whatever you’d like! It makes drinking water much easier and more fun, which is quite important. 

Soda making machine

There are people who don’t drink a lot of water because it’s plain and boring to drink. Instead they choose carbonated water – it’s still good for hydration and it is definitely more fun to consume. So a great gadget to help you drink more water could be a soda making machine.

There are specifically made soda machines that create carbonated water. That way you don’t have to spend extra money buying carbonated water. You can make it yourself! Wherever you are, whether it’s at home or in your office. 

Gadgets that will help you drink more water

A bottle with a straw lid

Another way to make drinking water more exciting, is simply adding a straw. It is one of the easiest and effective gadgets that can help with dehydration. No wonder baby bottles often come with straws – it is that much more fun to sip your drink through a straw.

So if you’re struggling to drink enough water during the day, maybe choose a water bottle that comes with a built-in straw. That way you’ll never forget the straw since it will always be with your bottle. Itcan also be great for sipping water when you’re on the run or biking around.

Time marked water bottle

Some water bottles come with marking so you can see how much water you drank. Obviously this is not a necessary purchase if you’re good with tracking your water intake. For example, if your bottle has 1 litre of water in it, it’s easy to calculate that you will need to refill it only once per day. 

But if tracking consumed water is harder for you, marked water bottles are always a safe choice. They can be marked by the amount or time. For example, by 3PM you’re supposed to finish half of your water etc.

Hydration backpack

An innovation for those, who live an active lifestyle, there’s a cool gadget in the form of a backpack. It looks like a regular backpack, yet it is hiding drinking water inside that you can consume through tubes. That way, you don’t have to stop to drink – you can hydrate while being active.

These hydration backpacks were invented specifically for velo riders in competitions. To stop and drink water would cost them precious time which they didn’t have. That’s when hydration backpacks come into the picture. You can still remain active and sip water whenever you feel like without stopping.

Gadgets that will help you drink more water

Hopefully this article was helpful to you and you found some useful ideas!

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