Why are outlets so popular?

Every person has different shopping preferences. Some enjoy spending time at shopping centers, going from one store to another like the shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood. Some rather do all their shopping online and get things delivered at their door. Some people don’t like shopping at all.

However, shopping outlets are getting more popular. There are some good reasons for that. In this article you can read more about the advantages shopping outlets offer and why do people choose them over other options.

Discounted items

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Why spend more if you can spend less? The whole concept of outlet stores at first was to sell discounted unsold or returned merchandise.

On average, factory stores are discounting their items by about 38%. There are different reasons to that:

  • items might be made from fabrics that are less expensive
  • they’re from another seasons
  • sometimes the items are slightly damaged
  • some stores make goods exlusively for outlets

Many stores at one place

Outlets have a quite big variety of stores. For example:

  • Metzingen Outlet City in Germany offers more than 70 top brend outlets
  • Serravalle McArthurGlen Outlet in Italy has over 170 stores
  • Bicester Village in London around 130 stores

Well, you get the idea. There’s a lot to choose from. No need to drive from one store in the city to another. Although you will definetely need to walk quite a lot, you still have everything at one location.

Don’t have to wait on shipping

While you don’t have to leave your home to buy something you desire, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes shipping takes a long time or is expensive. You also don’t know if your order will turn out  as promised.

Shopping at outlets give you an opportunity to get things immediately. You can try things on and see if they suit you. And if they don’t, you don’t have to bother with returning items and waiting for the refund.

Suitable for whole family

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If you need to shop for your whole family, it’s a good idea to go to an outlet. Outlets have a huge variety of stores, thus you can find something for everyone – for men, women and children.

Usually outlets also have a variety of cafes and restaurants. There you can sit down and relax, have a nice meal and continue to shop. Some also offer playgrounds for children – if they get bored or tired, they can play at the special kids areas.

A small adventure

Usually outlets are located outside the city. It can be turn into a small roadtrip for you and your family. However, not every country has outlet villages (or at least many of them).

Therefore, you can plan out a small vacation. For example, if there’s a nice outlet village in your neighbouring countries – why not go there? It sure adds to your shopping experience. You spend some more time travelling, can make stops at beautiful locations during your way there and return home with trunk full of goodies.

Now, when you are familiar with the advantages outlets offer, you can read more about the most popular outlets in Europe. And, who knows, maybe the next shoes you’re going to get get will be from one of these outlets.

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