Bottles with UV sterilization – 2021 trend

Having your own water is a necessity that helps you stay hydrated and reminds you to do so throughout all day. The thing is, you have to remember to wash your water bottle every day or at least every other day. Since it can get hard to remember to do that, there’s an invention that might help – water bottles with UV sterilization.

Self cleaning water bottles are commonly used with kids. It’s especially important for them to have bacteria free water bottles, so UV sterilization is a great help. And since water bottles for everyday needs are getting more and more popular, UV sterilization could be a great tool for everyone, not just babies.

In this article we’ve gathered some information about UV sterilization and created a list of some of the best water bottles with UV sterilization.

What is UV sterilization?

Having an Ultraviolet or UV sterilizer can make your water healthier and prolong the life of water that has been treated and processed. It’s a modern way to keep your water clean and bacteria-free without using filters and causing more pollution.

UV sterilizers are highly efficient in eradicating all presence of microbiological pollution in water. However, there must be a sufficient amount of exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sterilizer in order for proper disinfection to take place. Through the years UV technology has become well established as a safer and more cost-effective choice for optimal and economical water disinfection. That’s why this water purification has already made its way to modern smart water bottles.

Bottles with UV sterilization

Self-cleaning water bottles use UV light to kill different kinds of bacteria, viruses etc. by destroying their DNA. The UV light sterilizes both the water inside the bottle and the interior surface of the bottle. That way it’s completely safe to use.

In this list we’ve compiled some of the best water bottles with UV sterilization. Take a look and see which one would suit you the best.

LARQ – 60 seconds to pure water

Bottles with UV sterilization larq

LARQ is an award-winning design with effective UV-C LED technology for on-the-go water purification. This is probably one of the most popular water bottles with UV you can possibly find. And rightfully so. 

It eradicates up to 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses in Adventure Mode. It’s a non-toxic way to purify both your water and bottle. Also it is the world’s only mercury-free portable water sanitization system. This water bottle is ideal to eradicate germs, triggering a photochemical reaction that destroys their DNA. UV-C light is widely used today in hospitals to sterilize patient room surfaces.

They have 2 kinds of water bottles – both insulated and non-insulated, which are ultra lightweight water bottles. They come in a bunch of fun colors, so staying hydrated is not only healthy but also enjoyable. 

LARQ water bottles also have rechargeable lithium polymer batteries that keep going. And UV-C LEDs last 40x longer than conventional mercury based UV technology.

NOERDEN LIZ – the next-gen self-cleaning smart bottle with UV sterilization

Bottles with UV sterilization noerden

NOERDEN brand’s LIZ is a smart water bottle that will let you get personalized water intake recommendations, set daily hydration goals, manually track your beverage consumption and set hydration reminders to your liking. 

With this water bottle you will never feel dehydrated. Every 2 hours LIZ blinks to remind you to drink, and it keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold for 12 to 24h. Simply tap the lid once to check the temperature range.

This water bottle also works as a UV sterilizer. It kills 99.9% of bacteria. Thanks to its built-in UV-C light, LIZ destroys 99.9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria by breaking down their DNA in under 5 minutes.

LIZ comes to life with its touch responsive smart lid. Here’s how it works. 

Tap the lid once: check your beverage’s temperature range.

Tap the lid twice: sterilize your bottle or water.

Don’t touch for 2 hours: LIZ blinks to remind you to drink.

AURON – 100% pure drinking water in 60 seconds

Bottles with UV sterilization auron

AURON water bottle stands behind a greater message. Its main goal is to stop plastic pollution and encourage the society to start using sustainable products instead. Such as an AURON smart bottle that not only helps you stay hydrated, but also purifies your water. 

Using the power of natural UV-C light purification, AURON bottle purifies without filters or chemicals, turning water from any source into pure goodness. The brand’s main message is the following – you can purify your water anytime anywhere. Purify the public fountain water at the gym, tap water in foreign countries or even river water while camping. Just fill it up, touch the lid and enjoy the cleanest, crispest, thirst-quenching-est water that nature has to offer.

Besides, AURON isn’t only made for water. AURON is much more than a water bottle. It’s your full time drinking buddy. Fill it up with coffee, tea, your favorite beer, or whatever else you sip. Bottle’s double insulated walls will keep your beverage hot or cool for over 24 hours.

Crazy cap – clean tasting water

Bottles with UV sterilization crazycaps

The CrazyCap bottles deliver game-changing technology that lets you purify your water wherever you go. It stops bacteria and germs from breeding inside your water bottle. Every four hours UV rays in the cap automatically activate, keeping the water 99.9% fresh and clean. That means your water and the bottle are free from mold, microbes, odors and everyday funk.

This water bottle brand has won a few really impressive awards such as TIME Best Inventions 2020, Outdoor Retailer Innovations Award 2020, CNET Best Overall Self-Cleaning Bottle 2020, 

GadgetFlow Innovations Award 2019. Needless to say 2020 was definitely their year. These days keeping your belongings sterilized is more important than ever before.

There are many other benefits to this particular brand’s bottles besides being self-cleaning. Having this bottle lets you save $700 a year on bottled water. It also allows you to refill your bottle anywhere. A simple yet great design and double vacuum isolation are also great benefits.

Mahaton – self-cleaning water purifying bottle and more

Bottles with UV sterilization mahaton

Here’s another aesthetically pleasing, functional and beneficial water bottle. With a built-in UV-C light at 275nm, it effectively destroys bacterias’ DNA and RNA strand. Drinking water has never been easier. All you have to do is just fill up your bottle, tighten the lid, tap on the brand’s Mahaton logo and enjoy the clean water in just 90 seconds.

Refined and original aesthetics are not the only new aspect that Mahaton self-cleaning bottles feature as opposed to other self-cleaning bottles. There is also wireless charging technology involved, to make it even more convenient and practical for your everyday needs. And not to forget, thanks to wireless charging, Mahaton bottle is completely waterproof.

The brand Mahaton aims to reduce their impact on the planet by removing plastic bottles from daily use. That’s why they designed a water bottle that would give people the ease of mind when it comes to purity of water from any source.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this article and found some useful UV water bottle options!

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