Facts about Stanley products

Stanley is one of the biggest sustainable drink ware brands in the world. They are creating a wide range of water bottles, vacuum bottles, tumblers, growlers, flasks, mugs etc. And if you think they stopped there, you’d be wrong. They are also creating food storage, camp cookware, coolers and jugs.

For a brand that does so much, they also care about the environment and the nature around them. That’s what’s led them to such an iconic and powerful brand that’s succeeding all over the world.

In this article we’d like for you to get to know Stanley. So here are some fun facts about the brand.

The brand Stanley is more than 100 years old

Most of the sustainable water bottle brands were born around the 2000’s or maybe 90s at most. Not Stanley. The Stanley brand has a rich history of now more than 100 years. 

Born from inventor William Stanley Jr. who forever changed the way hot drinks were consumed, in 1913 he fused vacuum insulation and the strength of steel in one portable bottle, inventing the all-steel vacuum bottle we know and love today.

The brand doesn’t fear competitors

Nowadays there are indeed many world known brands that choose to fight plastic pollution and create sustainable water bottles. Since Stanley was, if not the first then certainly one of the first brands to create a sustainable water bottle, there is some competition now. Although Stanley is not worried at all.

As they say, we quote: ‘’While we may have been one of the first to recognize the importance of producing long-lasting and reusable products, we’re glad we’re not the last.’’

What an incredible message and way of fighting for the better world in terms of sustainable lifestyle.

Facts about Stanley products

Stanley bottles are one of the toughest in the world

From the very beginning, when the first bottles were being made, Stanley marketed his invention as unbreakable. There were many experiments led to prove that there is no way these bottles could be broken – driven over with a car, shot at etc. And the bottles with the iconic green hammertone finish quickly became a staple of American life.

Stanley is one of the most ethical and sustainable brands out there

And while the toughness of the bottles hasn’t changed, how Stanley makes them has. In this day and age it is more important than ever before to lead a sustainable brand. In addition to improvements the brand has made, Stanley’s parent company PMI has been on the forefront of environmental and social responsibility for decades.

That includes working on everything from worker safety and water consumption to greenhouse gas emissions and solar energy usage. By staying focused on Environmental Health and Safety throughout their entire supply chain, Stanley’s committed to ethical manufacturing, reducing their corporate footprint, and living by a warranty that means replacing a single part instead of a whole product whenever possible. 

These products are meant to last at least one lifetime

The biggest thing Stanley can do to ease the burden on the planet, says Vice President Eric Shear, is to make products that last for generations, and that people want to use. And so that exactly is the main goal of the Stanley brand.

The most sustainable products are those that never need to be thrown away or replaced. That’s the reason Stanley has been creating sustainable bottles for over 100 years. 

‘’And we make them from steel, which, if you’re wondering, is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet. This has enabled us to cut down on the need for disposable products, which means — you guessed it — less junk in landfills.’’

Stanley is building products to last a lifetime. By that, they are also promising to spend this lifetime (and even the next one) doing right by their people and their planet. 

Facts about Stanley products

Stanley is actively protecting North America’s wild places

To be socially responsible also means taking care of your environment as much as you can. And since Stanley is such a huge brand, we are so glad that they’re really in it for the change.

Stanley joined The Conservation Alliance in 2007 to help protect the wild places they love and combat the impacts of climate change. With doing so, over the years they’ve done so much – helped save more than 73 million acres of wildlands, protected 3,575 miles of rivers; stopped or removed 35 dams; designated five marine reserves; and purchased 17 climbing areas.

To mention one specific project Stanley brand is a part of, it’s Wild Olympics Campaign. That is a project they are especially passionate about. The goal of this campaign is to protect more than 126,000 acres of forest and 464 miles of river on the Olympic Peninsula in their home state.

We can only bet that Stanley is up for a challenge.

You can find helpful recipes on the blog

Stanley brand is truly one that thinks of their customers and customer service in general. They have a fun blog in their online store that includes a lot of helpful information. One of those is fun and tasty recipes for using your Stanley products.

In this section you’ll find articles on how to make The Best Campfire Hot Cocoa Recipe; Three Smoothies To Fill Up Your Stanley Stein; Vegan White Russian Cocktail; Bulletproof coffee etc. So many fun options!

They are also helping with HOW-TO guides

And if you thought that’s it from Stanley, you were wrong. Not only are they into recipes, but they’re also all about helping you in your everyday life.

In their blog you will also find a section that offers you blog posts such as – 3 Ways To Make Incredible Coffee At Home; Guide to Staying Hydrated During Outdoor Activities; Essential Safety Tips for Camping With Dogs; The Benefits of Spending Time in Nature for You & the Environment etc. 

We hope this article was useful and also entertaining for you to read! Hopefully you’ve also learned more about Stanley and the brand’s main goal!

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