Ways to drink coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular hot beverages in the world – if not the most popular one. And there are so many fun ways to drink it and enjoy it on an everyday basis. But when you think about it  – how much do you actually know about coffee and where it comes from?

To combine the fun and the educational, in this article we’ve compiled a bit of useful information about where coffee comes from as well as some of the most common ways to drink coffee.

Where does coffee come from?

Ways to drink coffee

In this part of the article find out more about where coffee comes from and how it’s harvested.

Biggest coffee countries

It is not always the way that the countries drink as much coffee as they end up producing. There is a big difference in the top countries that grow and actually consume coffee beans. 

Coffee grows best in the so-called “Coffee Belt”, which is an area close to the equator and provides favorable conditions for coffee growth. These conditions are a lot of sun, heat and the necessary humidity. 

The three largest coffee-growing countries in terms of volume are Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia, which make up the bulk of the coffee beans grown in the trio. While Colombia and Ethiopia are known to be the largest growers of the arabica variety, Vietnam is highly specialized in growing robusta coffee beans.

How the coffee is harvested

There are three types of coffee harvesting methods – stripping method, picking method and machine picking method. 

They differ in the approach to how the coffee cherry is harvested – in the picking method people do it by hand, picking the ripe coffee cherries individually. The stripping method does not sort the ripe ones from the green cherries and it harvests more coffee in less time. But in the machine picking method it is already done by a mechanized combine, which increases productivity a few more times. 

Methods are usually adapted to the surrounding conditions, as geographical factors are not always suitable for mechanized transport, such as highlands and mountains.

Coffee bean processing

Further, the already harvested beans are treated with one of the processing methods – natural or washed. Processing mainly means separating the coffee fruit from the coffee beans themselves. 

What is important – the method of processing also determines the nuances of coffee taste, not just roasting coffee, as is often thought. In the natural method coffee cherries are spread on large sheets or surfaces. That’s where the coffee dries and in the drying process the taste of the coffee bean itself is also affected, where a large part of the sweetness of the coffee casing also enters the coffee bean itself. 

The washed method, in turn, involves separating the coffee beans from the cherry skin with the help of water, washing the coffee cherries and then fermenting them.

Most common ways to drink coffee

Ways to drink coffee

There are many types of drinks that have coffee in them, so you might not even realise you drink coffee on a daily basis. 

Here are drinks that contain coffee.


Americano is one of the most popular ways to drink coffee. It is definitely strong so only the real coffee lovers drink it. Espresso with added hot water (100–150 ml is often served in a cappuccino cup. The espresso is added into the hot water rather than all the water being flowed through the coffee that would lead to over extraction.


Cappuccino is a drink that to most may associate with childhood. It is one of the first drinks that get introduced to children. Technically speaking, it is a coffee drink consisting of espresso and a milk foam mixture (drink size about 160–240 ml). Served in a cappuccino cup.


Cold Brew Coffee is a smooth, cold beverage prepared by brewing freshly ground coffee in cold water. In the Cold Brew process, time makes up for heat. This has become more popular in recent years. Perfect for enjoying coffee on a hot summer day, too.


A short, strong drink (about 30 ml) served in an espresso cup. This has to be the most popular way of drinking strong coffee – a shot of it.


This is just a double portion of espresso in a cappuccino/espresso cup.


This one’s a tall, mild ‘milk coffee’ (about 150-300 ml). An espresso with steamed milk and only a little milk foam poured over it. Serve in a latte glass or a coffee cup. Flavoured syrup can be added to each individual taste. This is considered one of the tastiest ways to enjoy coffee.


Ice, cold milk and an espresso in a latte glass (about 300 ml), often mixed with some sugar or flavoured syrup. Served in a tall latte glass. Also perfect for enjoying coffee in the summer.


A caffè latte with chocolate and whipped cream, made by pouring about 2 cl of chocolate sauce into the glass, followed by an espresso shot and steamed milk. By the look of it, this looks the most like a yummy milkshake. 


Cold Caffè mocha. Prepared like iced latte, but garnished and flavoured like caffè mocha (about 300 ml). Served in a tall latte glass.


This one’s almost a regular espresso but only with a little milk foam (drink size about 50 ml). Served in an espresso cup.


A coffee drink with a double espresso and lightly frosted milk (about 150–240 ml). Served in a glass.


Like a traditional caffè latte, but with a thicker layer of foam. Often made by pouring an espresso last into the milk (drink size about 300 ml). Served in a tall latte glass.


Rich iced coffee made of espresso, milk and ice. Flavoured syrup can be added (about 300 ml). Mixed in a blender and served for example in a latte glass.


Classic coffee cocktail where Irish whiskey is mixed with filter coffee and topped with a thin layer of gently whipped cream.

Hope this fun article made you learn something new!

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