Last minute gift ideas

Birthdays come around all the time. Once your mother’s birthday is over, odds are the birthday of your friend or cousin is right around the corner. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and completely forget about preparing a gift.

Everybody has been in a situation when you realise today is that birthday party you’ve been invited to and you completely forgot about the gift. One thing’s certain – if you need a gift today, there’s no time for online shopping. 

So here are some last minute gift ideas for you to choose from. 

Gift from the mall

Last minute gift ideas

First thing’s first, if you have forgotten to buy a gift, the first place you’ll go is the nearest mall. So many options and choices – to leave without a gift seems impossible. So here are a few ideas.

Lottery tickets

A fun and quirky gift idea is a bunch of lottery tickets. That’s a fun way of surprising the person with something they most likely did not expect. Make sure you get a coolant original packaging – for example, roll the tickets into roses and present your bouquet of lottery tickets. So fun and original!

Besides, this gift isn’t only about the person winning money. It’s about the rush, the hope and the whole possibility, that you could potentially win. If you will get lucky, it might as well be on your birthday.

Exotic snacks 

If you’re totally out of ideas, it could be fun to get a bunch of exotic snacks. For that you might have to go to a specific shop or grocery store, but it will be worth it. This is a great gift if the person loves trying out new snacks and drinks. 

You could create a whole bundle of sweets and snacks of a specific theme. For example, they could be from one part of the world. Maybe it’s where the person really wants to travel next.

Quality bottle of liquor

A classic last minute gift – a bottle of good quality alcohol. That, of course, if the person drinks alcohol. If not, then you might want to find something else that’s equivalent to the cost of an expensive liquor bottle.

If the person does drink alcohol, then the choice is yours. Only make sure you get something that they would really like. Some people like dark liquors, some light etc. Maybe it’s a bottle of bourbon, maybe it’s a bottle of gin. 

A fun t-shirt

If you see your birthday boy’s or girl’s favorite clothing store in the mall, maybe stop by and see their new collection. Maybe you’ll find a cool summer t-shirt or anything else that they would end up loving.

Take into consideration that it is important to get the item of clothing that they will absolutely love. Otherwise getting a random t-shirt can end up being quite weird and even tacky.

Gifts to enjoy later

Last minute gift ideas

If you don’t have much time to walk around the mall and look for the perfect gift, choose an adventure that they can experience after their birthday. Here are some options.

Escape room

Escape rooms are such a fun activity that the person will be able to enjoy with their friends or family. Usually the game allows 2-6 people, so it will definitely be a team effort. The main goal of the game is to escape the room you’re into. To do so, it is important to follow the clues and work as a team.

To make this gift even more fun choose a specific escape room that the person will love the most. They even have genres so you will for sure know which one to get. Maybe the person is into horror, science, comedy etc. So many fun options!

Movie tickets

Another great option is movie tickets for an upcoming movie. Just make sure first that the person hasn’t already seen the movie. Going to the cinema is always a fun way to spend your time together with friends or even alone. 

For somebody who loves going to movies, this will be the best gift of them all.

Flight with a hot air balloon

Flying with a hot air balloon is an amazing adventure that the person would remember their whole lifetime. The flight itself lasts about an hour in which the person will be able to enjoy the most gorgeous sights of their city. It is also a great way to see a different city or town – either way it’s from a  completely new and fresh perspective.

Some use this as a way to get rid of their fear of heights too. The hot air balloon rises super slowly – you will barely even notice it and the next moment you’re in the sky. The whole experience is magical!

Fun courses or master classes

It is always nice to learn something new. If the person to whose birthday you’re going to thinks so too, then an opportunity to learn something new would be a great gift.

You can order some master classes or fun courses. Maybe dance lessons, maybe something more educational etc. It can be anything at all. Nowadays online classes get more and more popular every day, like Skillshare and others.

Gift cards

Last minute gift ideas

Another great option is gift cards or subscription services. They are both fun – gift cards allow you to choose the product yourself, while subscription services are exciting with their surprises.

A good idea is a gift card for the person’s beloved hobby. More on that in the article Gift card in a hobby shop – the perfect gift for him

Shopping for clothes

If you’re looking for a gift for somebody who loves shopping, then the gift just makes sense – get them fun clothes. Only that can be a very hard thing to do, shopping for somebody else is not always ideal. That’s where gift cards are the better option.

Pick a store that the person loves the most. When you’ve got that covered, then get a gift card from it. They will for sure love it!

Plant subscription

A fun subscription service is monthly plant boxes. This gift will be perfect for any plant lover out there. Every month you get one (or more) plants that you do not have yet. 

It’s a great way to make your space greener and healthier. 

New phone or watch

If you want to get the person a bigger gift, like a brand new phone or a watch, then a gift card is the best choice. You don’t want to get them something they wouldn’t wear so it’s best to leave this choice to them.

Also if you choose a store with a wider range, chances are the person will choose what they really need right now. You might think they need a new watch when in reality they’de rather use a new camera or something of that sort.

Monthly magazine subscription

If the birthday person loves reading magazines, then you should look into what kind. Getting them a monthly or weekly subscription for the whole year could be a very cool and original gift idea. 

This is a nice gift idea for Christmas. Usually subscription services end right in december, so it would be very considerate of you to get them a new one.

Super exclusive gifts

Last minute gift ideas

Just because you’re looking for a present last minute, doesn’t mean it can’t be breathtaking and truly valid. Go big or go home – here are some exclusive gift ideas. And to your surprise, it doesn’t take that long to suddenly own land on the Moon, for example.


Bitcoin is a great gift for someone who has been interested to learn more about bitcoins or perhaps for someone whom you would like to introduce to bitcoins. It’s a good investment and also a learning curve.

Bitcoin is inherently valuable: the recipient can use them to shop, pay bills or keep to sell later at a higher price. Just like gold and cash, the value of a bitcoin gift is pretty apparent, which means no need to remove price tags. 


The same thing goes for auctions. You can always give them to the person in hopes one day they might inherit more money than it shows up now. It’s really that simple – once you buy auctions, there isn’t much the birthday person will be able to do.

It’s a great gift for graduation, especially if the person cares to learn about finances and not just the number growing bigger. If there’s any interest, this could be a fun gift idea.

Land on the Moon

We realise this sounds a bit extreme, but you indeed can become a Lunar Land Owner by purchasing acres of land on the Moon. LUNAR LAND company is the world’s most recognized Celestial Real Estate Agency and has been selling land on the Moon for decades.

If this isn’t an original birthday gift then we don’t know what is. And last minute too!

If you happen to have some extra time for birthday present hunting, check out our article How to find a good gift for some more tips. 

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