How to find a good gift


It’s common to give someone a gift due different sorts of celebration. When it’s someone’s birthday, we look for a gift  that would make them feel special and loved. Christmas is super busy –  you have to find gifts both for your family and friends. Shopping for gifts is not the easiest thing in the World. Especially, if you have to find gifts for many people at once.

There are some useful ways how to get inspired and find the best gift for everyone. We have made a list of 5 ways how to come up with a great gift idea.

Good luck with delighting your cherished ones with precious gifts!

Get inspired by blog posts of gift ideas

Often the best and most original gifts are found on different articles – both in magazines and online blogs. The only thing left is to find a suitable gift for your occasion. For example, type in ‘birthday gift ideas for men”. You’ll find some useful articles of gift ideas that will be suitable for men.

There are many blogs that specialize in gift ideas articles. For example, Ideja dāvanai often publishes articles on gift ideas. There you can find gifts both for men and women – for wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, parents, coworkers, graduates, family and even children.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with an original gift. There’s nothing wrong with finding your inspiration somewhere else!

Check person’s social media

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is active on their social media, there’s a chance you’ll find the right gift immediately. You can gather a lot of information from ones’ social media accounts – their favourite places, food, gadgets, hobbies, music playlists and what not!

You might find something they want on their feed. For example, Pinterest is super handy when it comes to finding a gift. If the celebrant uses Pinterest, there’s a great possibility that they have pinned different interests – clothing, make up, food, interior decorations etc.

Depend on their Zodiac sign

Many people believe in horoscopes. They read them daily and look for regularities. It is fascinating! Those who are interested in astrology will know everything about their sign – till the very last detail. Read the stars and you will find the perfect gift for them.

Often in the gift ideas articles you’ll find a special section for zodiac signs. For example, Taurus men will appreciate practical gifts. However, libras would rather receive something trending or romantic.

Horoscopes can be used as your guidelines. Those who are interested in horoscopes, are  often interested in other similar things, such as astrology, stargazing, crystals, etc. Now, you already have a few gift ideas  – give them a nice book of astrology, beautiful crystals or take them out for romantic stargazing together.

Don’t be shy. Just ask!

Sometimes the best way to find out their wishes is to simply ask. Of course, sometimes it’s nice to surprise and give an unexpected git. However, by asking you’re making sure you’re gonna nail it.

If you still want to surprise them, ask them in advance. Touch on this subject many weeks before their birthday – “by the way, what’s on your wishlist?

Give them money that “fits all” type of gift

At the end of the day – sometimes the best gift is some cash inside a beautiful envelope. That way you can’t go wrong. They will spend the money as they want.

Sometimes people end up spending the given money on daily expenses. If you want to make sure they’re gonna buy themselves something valuable, a universal gift card is a great solution.

A universal gift is something that is suitable for a broad audience. It’s something you can give to your significant other, mother or coworker. With an universal gift card they can buy whatever they want. For example, it could be an online gift card. Yhe celebrant will choose what exactly they want from the specific online store.

Hopefully these tips will guide you to the right direction.

Good luck with finding useful and heart-warming gifts for your loved ones for their special day!

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