How to make your room cozy

It’s not easy to fill an empty room so it would turn out both practical and easthetically pleasing. However, there are some interior  tips that come in handy in such situation.

Pay attention to the rug

The size of a rug matters. Another important thing – its’ purpose. For example, in the living room you should put the front feet of a couch on a rug. The rug can also be the central point of your living room that you put furniture around, therefore its’ shape and colour play an important role.

Think about the colour of your furniture. If you have a lot of colourful items, it’s better to choose a neutral colour for your rug. However, if the interior is more low-key, a rug that has an interesting shape and colour can add a nice touch and freshen up the room.

Keep things balanced

Balance is the key not only to the interior, but to many other fields as well. When you furnish your room, don’t put the larger pieces on one side and smaller ones – on the other side. Try picturing scales in your mind – if you put heavier weight on one side, the balance is no longer there.

Experiment with the layout. Keep in mind that you can keep the balance by using different shaped furniture. For example, if you have a rectangular couch – choose a round coffee table.

Don’t go too crazy with decorations. Let the room breathe, leaving enough free space. It’s one of the most common mistakes – adding too much decors.

Leave enough space for moving around

Every room needs space for you and other people. Moving from one side to another shouldn’t feel like overcoming barriers. Furnish your room in a way that you won’t trip over the furniture or the edge of your carpet. Make sure that there is enough space between a coffee table and a couch, as well as between chairs.

Don’t forget about lighting

Without light there is no life. And indoor lighting has almost as crucial role. Choose different kinds of lighting – floor lamps, desk lamps and ceiling lamps as well. A floor lamp would look great in the end of a couch. You can place desk lamps on the shelves and bed tables. It’s important to place your lighting on different levels.

Match up wall decors

Art pieces are good way how to improve the atmosphere of a room. However, sometimes you can go wrong. Same thing applies to wall mirrors.

Don’t put an-almost-invisible painting behind your big couch or your bed. It’s better to go for a bigger piece which length is about 2/3 of the length of the furniture. If it doesn’t work for you, then choose multiple smaller pieces. Check out different painting layouts.

Conversation-friendly space

If you like inviting guests over, it’s worth to make a cozy space where you can sit down and talk. Choose a big coffee table and put chairs around it. If there are two chairs next to each other, place them in a way that they slightly face each other.

For such cozy area a soft carpet will fit in perfectly. Don’t forget to place the front legs of furniture on the rug. It will make the area look more cozy and finished.

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