The pros of playing video games

Videogames often are shown as a bad and unhealthy hobby because you spend a long time looking in front of the computer or tv. People who play lot of video games often are seen as couch potatoes however nowadays it is rarely the case.

Did you know that it is proven that videogames can be good for you? There are many examples why video games can be good for you. Here we will count down some benefits and the pros of playing video games.

Gaming can improve your manual dexterity

In gaming you usually must use your hands and fingers a lo. You must move them fast and precisely. This can help you with your hand and finger coordination. Therefore gaming causes you to learn this skill that can be very helpful in your everyday life.

A group of surgeons did research and an experiment. It showed that people who game make 37 precent less mistakes than those who don’t play video games while performing advanced procedures. So maybe you should let your children play video games. Who knows –the kid might become a surgeon!

Video games can improve your social skills

Many people think that video games are played by shy people who are trying to escape from people. It leads to thinking that their social and communication skills are very bad. This is, in fact, totally false. There was a research that involved children, and it showed that those kids who played video games had better social skills than those who didn’t.

This research also proved that those children who played more video games can perform better academically and build better relationships with others. So if you kid plays lot f video games, you don’t really have to worry that it’s hard for them to make friends etc. 

Video games can improve your brain function

Almost in all video games you need to think logically and solve many problems to win the game. Also, in life or school you need to use your brains to solve many problems, and video games are a good and interesting way to do it.

Videogames have shown that they help to improve ability to reason and solve problems. They help to learnt how to think fast, make a good decision fast. It also helps to process information in short period of time and do multitasking. 

The pros of playing video games

Video games can make you exercise

Not all but some videogames are fun and good for exercise. Usually these are motion-controlled games which you can’t play sitting down and just pushing some buttons. 

There are also some games on phones, that encourages kids to leave house and go for a walk or run. For example, Pokémon Go which was an amazing way for kids to enjoy real life treasure hunt etc.

Video games can help kids get competitive

In modern days sometimes it’s hard to find a job because there are many good candidates with great skills. Video games can teach you to become more competitive and this can really help you in real life and while trying to find a good job.

The Federation of American Scientists argues that kids need to play video games, so they can be more competitive current job market. This is a great way for kids to learn to fight for what they want to achieve.

So here are the pros of playing video games. It is proven with research and reports that videogames have these benefits and many more. So, if your kid or loved one loves gaming and does it often, it’s not always a bad thing.

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