Original mugs to brighten up your day


For those who can’t imagine their day without a hot cup of coffee or tea, a cool mug is a must have. The reason there are so many cool mugs available is because they can be a real mood changer. Especially since we most often choose to drink our coffee in the mornings, original mugs can really brighten up our day and set it off to a good start.

So in this article we have compiled a list with some cool Amazon finds. Here are our TOP10 original mugs to brighten up your day every time you drink tea or coffee.

These can also be great gifts for your friends and family on special occasions.

The amazing Wonder Woman mug

Original mugs wonder woman

Wonder Woman is an amazing DC character that is another proof that women can too be cool superheroes that save the day. If you want a daily reminder as to why you too can be a Wonder Woman, this amazing Wonder Woman mug will serve as a great reminder and pat on the shoulder.

What makes this mug even cooler than its meaning, is the shiny iridescent electroplated finish. Its holographic design will make sure this mug looks cool always – even when it’s not being used. This is probably the most stylish looking mug that will ever be found in your kitchen. The mug is ceramic and how exciting it is to have one that always changes colors depending on the light.

The cute Corgi mug

corgi mug

For those who love their daily gadgets with a cute and adorable twist, this Corgi mug will be just the perfect way of sipping their daily hot beverage. This mug is ceramic and is highly appropriate for super hot beverages. To let your favorite coffee stay hot for even longer, this mug comes with a handcrafted bamboo lid. That, too, of course has a cute little corgi on it.

This is one of the most beautiful mugs we have ever seen – so elegants and sleek, yet with adorable dog figurines. As coffee mugs are often related to being sleepy (since coffee is the one thing supposed to wake you up), this Corgi mug is telling you that it’s okay to be sleepy. This mug might be the perfect buddy to have around on your day off – sipping cappuccino and watching some movies.

Double wall insulated bear mug

bear mug original

Another cute option is this double wall insulated bear mug. It is a very unique and original design that might look confusing at first, but definitely comes together when the drink is poured into it. If you’re looking for original mugs to brighten up your day, this one will do just that. The cute teddy bear looks trapped in the glass which makes your coffee drinking experience that much more adorable.

Since this mug is double wall insulated, you need not worry about burning your hand while holding your mug. Since the actual liquid takes up a small part of the mug, this one will be much more appropriate for drinking coffee, maybe even espresso shots.

Temperature control smart mug

temperature control mug

For those who always seem to be in a rush to drink their coffee while it is still hot, they created an amazing coffee mug that keeps your coffee hot for hours. The elegant and sleek mug shown in the photo above is the Ember smart mug. It comes with a charging coaster that lets your mug heat up the coffee while you’re drinking it.

This mug is an amazing invention. You can control it though an app, which allows you to enter your preferred coffee temperature. Therefore the mug will keep your coffee at the exact temperature you’d like. These smart mugs are more expensive but totally worth it if you end up not finishing your coffee on a regular basis because it’s too cold.

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Heat changing Gameboy coffee mug

gamer mug

Even more original mugs we found were the ones that change their appearance with the heat. When you pour hot tea or coffee (or anything else really) in the mug, its design changes to something else. We found this fun Gamerboy one that would be a perfect gift for gamers. You do need to drink something warm once in a while even when gaming, especially in winter.

This Gamerboy mug is pretty simple, when there is nothing in the mug the GameBoy gadget is completely black. Only when the hot liquid is poured into the cup, it shows up bright green and shows the whole picture.

The beautiful glass mug with a bamboo lid

glass mug

While featuring a lot of awesome and fun mugs, we decided to put in a few elegant ones too. To be original can also mean looking extraordinary. These glass mugs are beautiful and will look amazing in your kitchen drawer. As seen in the photo, these mugs eluminate any kind of color of your drink. They all look cute! Besides, the bamboo lid is an amazing addition.

Because of the cylinder shape of the mug, it is very easy to clean. The bamboo lid will help your drink stay hot for a bit longer. If there is anything we have learned from this article, it’s that we all want our coffee and tea to stay hot for a longer time!

Camera lens coffee mug

coffee mug camera lens

To bring the original a completely different meaning – this mug will do just that. It would be perfect for anybody who loves photography as a hobby or maybe even their everyday work. This could be a cool gift to give teenagers to take to school, when they feel like drinking hot tea or coffee in the breaks.

This camera lens mug serves as a thermos too because it is completely made from stainless steel. Therefore it will not only look cool but also keep your drink warm for quite a bit. The mug comes with a lid that is spill proof, so you can easily transport it with you wherever you go.

Elephant mug with a tea bag holder

elephant mug

Now finally there is a cool mug especially for tea lovers. If you too love drinking tea and never know where to put your tea bags, then this mug is perfect for you. The Elephant tea mug not only looks like the cutest mug we have seen but it also serves with a practical solution. There is a place specifically meant for holding your used tea bag.

We love those moments when we can find something both beautiful and practical. Not to say that it’s a rare occasion yet it still brings us joy. The same way this mug might bring you joy in the mornings or evenings when you prefer to drink your cup of tea.

Cute pink flamingo cup

flamingo mug

For all the princesses out there who are looking for a cute mug that would brighten up their day, this pink Flamingo mug might do the job. Flamingos are one of the most beautiful birds in the world, mainly because of their unique coloring. This cute mug will be perfect for anyone who loves pink. Also can not forget about the flamingo wearing a crown!

This mug is ceramic and it comes in a good size for anyone who loves having a big cup of coffee or tea. Doing it from this Flamingo cup is one way to drink your coffee in an elegant and classy way. 

Funny Sloth mug

sloth mug

And last but not least – funny Sloth mug for a fun start to your day. We all often drink coffee for the reason of waking up our body and mind. Therefore we also feel lazy and sleepy in the mornings, just like sloths do all of the time. This is a perfect mug for anyone who just wants to be left alone and have a day of doing absolutely nothing.

Besides, sloths are very adorable animals. If you can relate to them, an even better reason to get this mug for yourself. 

Hope you enjoyed this fun article with original mugs for you or your loved ones as gifts!

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