Best features of Thermos Traveler Thermo bottle


Reusable thermo bottle popularity is growing day by day. They are a great way to reduce the quantity of plastic bottles. Using reusable water bottles are good not only for the environment, but also for your health. By using reusable water bottles you will always stay hydrated. 

In this article we have summarized some facts and things we love about Thermo bottle Thermos Traveler. 

More information about Thermos Traveler

Thermo bottle Thermos Traveler is one of the Thermos products. Thermos has great value products. Starting from insulated food jars to thermos bottles. Their products feature rugged materials and double wall insulation for excellent temperature retention, including Thermo bottle Thermos Traveler.

Thermo bottle is made from high quality stainless steel. They have different sizes. A small one (500 ml) and medium size (750 ml). In this article we will focus on 750 ml thermo bottle. 

This stainless steel bottle is heat-resistant and can hold up the water temperature. Hot water up to 12 hours and cold 24 hours. Bottle has a screw cup with a handle. It’s completely leakproof, so it is secured and easy to carry in a bag. 

Thermos Traveler Thermo bottle


One of the main Thermo bottle Thermos Traveler features is heat-resistant. It can hold the water temperature for a very long time, which is great. 

In summer time, when you would do anything for a cup of cold water, Thermos Traveler can be very handy. When drinking cold water from cups of other material water bottles, it can become warm very fast. That’s why having a Thermos Traveler water bottle for summer is a great choice. 

And not only for summer. In winter time, when the temperature outside is below zero, this bottle can be very useful to help you stay warm. In plastic, glass or other material bottles it usually doesn’t take cold weather for the warm water to become cold. That’s why, no matter if you want your water to be cold or warm, a thermo bottle is a great way to secure the water temperature.

The Thermos Traveler thermo bottle is made of double-wall and it is heat resistant. This means that if you pure hot or cold water, you won’t feel it through the bottle. There won’t be condensation on the walls. It’s good because when you keep your bottle in a bag, the other stuff won’t become warm or wet. Also you can easily hold it in your hand, given that it has no handles. 

The only thing that can become warm after pouring hot drinks is the cup and the metal stripe on the bottle’s neck. 

Easy to carry

For some there can be dilema between small or big water bottles. If the bottle is too small then you need to fill it more often. And sometimes there is no place to fill it. But if you have a huge bottle, then it can have some issues keeping and fitting it in a bag. 

Thermo bottle Thermos Traveler 750 ml is a medium size. The bottle is slim and it easily fits in bags and backpacks. Because of the screw cap with a handle you can hook it up on the side of the bag. It will be easier to access and will not take up extra space in your bag. 

The Thermo bottle Thermos Traveler is also very light by itself (400g), so it’s convenient for carrying around. 

Thermos Traveler Thermo bottle

Leak proof

As we already looked at previously Thermos Traveler thermo bottles have airtightness. So that means you can easily carry it in your bag, the way you want.

Thanks to the practical screw cap with handle, the bottle can be easily stored in bags and backpacks. 

You don’t need to think through how you need to carry the bottle so it won’t spill or open. You can put it upside down and all your other stuff in the bag still will be safe.

Easy use

Because of the screw cap, The Thermos Traveler thermo bottle can hold the water temperature longer. And it is great for those who spend a long time outside. 

But the downside for screw cap is that you need to fully screw it off if you want to drink from it. You can’t open the bottle with only one hand. 

So maybe for everyday use at home or office thermo bottles with an easy one hand opening sistem would be more handy. But then you need to take into account that the temperature in the bottle won’t last that long. 

Thermo bottle Thermos Traveler is a great addition to your carry on things. It can remind you to drink water regularly. It won’t disappoint you with unwanted water leaks or water temperature change. 

If the Thermos Traveler is not really for you, maybe different reusable water botte will be a better suit. Check out our articles with similar water bottles Ocean Bottle – small bottle, big impact, REBO water bottle – good for you AND the planet or The fun SIGG water bottles.

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