The fun SIGG water bottles

SIGG is a Swiss brand with over one hundred years of history, selling a wide range of high quality reusable drinking bottles. They offer a variety of materials for different purposes, which are advertised as BPA-free and recyclable.

From history to present day

The idea of SIGG bottles came to life in 1908. The founder Ferdinand Sigg established an aluminum goods factory in Biel, Switzerland. The factory had been producing a variety of household items such as pots, pans and cutlery. The iconic SIGG water bottle was created as a result of resource saving effort during the war years.

Since then, the brand has established itself as a world market leader in aluminum drinking bottles. The classic SIGG bottle has also entered the Museum of Modern Art. It’s displaying two SIGG bottles for their unique on-brand design.

The brand’s values

The newest collections are assured to be of the highest quality, BPA-free and recyclable. All raw materials and inks used for printing are thoroughly tested to be safe for health.

SIGG also stands for environmental awareness and aims to keep the environmental impact of their production as low as possible. Currently it prides itself on using more than 55% of its production from renewable resources. Even the small amount of production waste gets recycled which is amazing.

The most popular products

Currently SIGG offers a range of water bottles, thermo flasks, travel mugs, lunch boxes and all the necessary accessories. The products come in different shapes and from different materials, catering to everyone’s wants and needs. The available materials are aluminum, stainless steel, glass, polypropylene and the company-patented tritan.


sigg original

The retro, 1930s design aluminum water bottle offers its new technology to the modern customer. It is lightweight, immune to fruit acid and always remains neutral in taste.

SIGG Gemstone


The stainless steel bottle is designed to keep your drink the perfect temperature – no matter if you want to keep it hot or cold. Copper-plated from the inside, it guarantees the best insulation effect. Its solid outer shell makes it resistant to denting.

SIGG Explorer

sigg explorer bottle

This stainless steel bottle is the most popular bottle amongst nature-lovers. It’s shatterproof, does not absorb any odors and is easy to carry in your hands or attached to a backpack.

SIGG Stella

sigg stella

The latest addition to the SIGG collection is this glass bottle. The bottle is produced of the purest raw material and consists of up to 30% recycled material. It comes with a decorative neoprene coating impress, which helps to protect the bottle from damage.

To understand what makes SIGG such a popular choice, make sure to try these for yourself!

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