Drink more water while gaming

Proper hydration is important for all functions of the body. Dehydration leads to a decreased cognitive performance. It affects things like focus, memory, reaction time, and accuracy. As a gamer, these things are important as they can make all the difference between winning and losing.

Energy drinks are a popular choice amongst gamers. It can be a quick fix, but comes with many downsides like insomnia, increased anxiety and heart rate. Since energy drinks are also full of sugar, the inevitable sudden sugar crash is definitely not good for long gaming sessions. So in terms of congenital performance, water is your best option. Eating and drinking healthy will improve your overall focus and keep your energized without any stimulants like energy drinks.

So how to make sure you’re getting properly hydrated while gaming?

Place water right next to you

This is an easy trick. Place your water somewhere near you so that it is always within your reach. It should be somewhere you can easily see it. This will be perfect if you keep a water bottle. But be careful about where you place your water if you’re keeping an open glass next to your computer set.

Make it personal

Another easy trick – get yourself a reusable water bottle. When buying a new one, you can choose a design or function that fits your style. Decorate it with some cool water-resistant stickers to make it look more personal. If you really like your bottle, surely you will want to use it. And with that, you can set a goal to how many times a day you must refill your bottle.


Thermos bottle

Opt for keeping cold water next to you in a thermos. Cold, crisp water will make you more alert almost instantly. Keeping it cold and ready next to you in a thermos will decrease the trips to the kitchen to grab something refreshing.

Water bottle with a straw lid

Are you so caught up in the game that you just can’t get your hands free? Well, there’s a fix for that too. Consider getting a bottle that has a straw lid. While using a straw, you don’t even have to take your eyes off the screen. You can simply take a sip whenever.

Think also about keeping a healthy diet. Choose a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables during your meal times. Fruits and veggies with high water content will help boost your daily water intake.

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Remember to stay hydrated, gamers!

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