Mugs with fun texts


Sometimes it’s hard to start your day without a cup of coffee or tea. And it would be even better if every morning your day would brighten up not just by a cup of coffee, but also by something funny that is written or drawn on your mug. Also, it’s a great way to make sure that no one will steal your mug because it will be unique and recognizable. Mugs with fun texts are a must have!

There are many places where you can find mugs with fun texts, also you can make one yourself. But here are some ideas from and that we found just for you.

You’re my national treasure

funny mug

It is amazing to receive this type of mug. You’re My National Treasure mug also is a heat revealing mug, so it’s not just fun, but also interesting. When it’s cold it is black, but once you pour something hot into it, it reveals this fun design.

Once it’s revealed you can see great American actor Nicolas Cage. His movies are very popular, so if you are also a fan of him or your friend is. This also can be a great gift for someone. You will kill two birds with one shot.

Today, I will do absolutely nothing

fun mugs with text sloth

We all have those lazy days when we just don’t want to do anything at all and just lay around. It’s harder when we have it at work or on some other busy day. So here is the solution that will maybe save you from some busy days.

Fun mug with sloth could be a very interesting mug to have. Maybe some of your co-workers will see it and leave you alone and not give you extra tasks to do. Or maybe a sloth will just help you to keep up your spirits, so you would have the strength to go through this lazy day.

3D mug with an animal inside

llama funny mug

Imagine that, in the morning you’re making your cup of coffee, go to your computer to start working, and in time, while you drink your coffee, you see a fun surprise. A 3D animal figure in your mug looking at you. It would be a fun moment to brighten up your day.

This mug with a 3D animal inside comes with various animals like a cat, chicken, panda, duck, bunny, or even a bear. It is also sold in different colours, so you can set it to your needs and what you like the most.

Pig coffee mug with a lid

pig coffee mug funny

If we are still holding on to an animal theme, then this will be perfect for you. This is more for those who love and are obsessed with pigs. Did you know that pigs consider themself as clean animals, not at all stinky and dirty?

This fun pig coffee mug will be an amazing gift for yourself or your friend. And we didn’t even tell you the best part. It comes with a lid that also looks and is shaped like a pig.

Worry About Your Eyebrows Coffee Mug

funny eyebrow mug

Well, we all know that one person with eyebrows that unfortunately doesn’t look that great. And of course, we all can’t really say anything about that because we don’t want to hurt their feelings. Well, we have one idea how you could tell them that.

How about giving them this funny mug with the text Worry about your eyebrows. Either give them this mug as a present or just use it around them. But make sure that they would understand it as a joke, so you wouldn’t hurt their feelings or confidence. 

T-Rex Dinosaur Mug

dinosaur funny mug

This mug will be more suitable for those who love Toy Story and don’t mind some curse words. This mug will make you laugh every single time, at least some people who have this mug are confirming that.

What now bitch mug with a T-rex on it. It is so funny and original that you just know that no one else will have this mug. it will make everyone laugh, we guarantee that.

Grumpy cat mug

grumpy cat mug

This mug is just perfect for almost everyone. Since we all know those people who just hate their job but won’t leave it for some reason. This mug will be just great for them and even will make them smile while they are at their work.

Grumpy cat mug I used to smile… until I worked here. This mug won’t just make you laugh but also will make all co-workers laugh. Maybe only the boss won’t find it funny, but it doesn’t matter. This grumpy cat mug is so funny and original.

I love me

i love me mug

We all know that the number one thing in the world that you should love is yourself, well then maybe also your dog, but mostly yourself. So let’s throw out all the I love New York mugs away and let’s buy this one.

I love me mug. Let’s not forget to love ourselves and get yourself or your friend this mug. So, they will always remember to put them first and love them for who they are.

Hope you will love some of these mugs with fun texts on them. And they will brighten up your day or even night because we all know those people who drink coffee at night stay up late. Wish you a tasty next cup of coffee or tea. Here are some other mug ideas that would brighten up your day.

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