How to keep avocados fresh for longer

Avocado is one of the best ingredients to use for the perfect breakfast toast. It’s filling, tasty, nutritious and overall good for you. Since avocados are not the cheapest product, this time we will discover how to keep avocados fresh for longer. That way there is no waste and you can easily eat just a half of avocado at a time if you please.

In this article how to best protect cut open avocados from spoilage. So that they don’t lose their freshness, good appearance and great taste properties for several days.

Tips on how to keep your avocados fresh

How to keep avocados fresh tips

Avocado enthusiasts have tried more than one way to fight the rapid “aging” of avocados by flooding the internet with many different tips. We have scoured through most of them and found some tips that work well for us.

Tip number 1: Spread one half of the avocado with oil and wrap in food film.

The oil will prevent your avocado from contacting the air directly, preventing oxidization.

Tip number 2: Place half an avocado with a slice of onion, then wrap in food film.

Tip number 3: Keep your avocado in cold water, in the fridge. You can use a ziplock bag or simply a glass jar. 

The simplest option is to put the fruit in cold water and let it soak for at least 10 minutes. Just like with freshly peeled potatoes. The avocado is then removed from the water, dried and placed in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator. Although the water will not prevent complete ripening, the effect will be effective for a few hours.

Tip number 4: Smear half of your avocado in lemon juice, then continue to wrap it in food film. 

As the lemon juice is quite acidic, it delays the oxidation process. The fruit soaked in highly concentrated lemon water or pure juice will retain its color for longer. 

Tip number 5: Simply place half of your avocado in the food film, just make sure you leave the pit inside. 

All “experiment participants” were refrigerated overnight. The next day, the avocado halves were removed from the refrigerator to draw conclusions.

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On to the results of our experiment.

Do these tips really work?

How to keep avocados fresh results

To make this article credible, we had to put these tips on how to keep avocados fresh to the test. Our team acknowledged that the best way to preserve the “youth” of the avocado was not to remove the pit. The half of the avocado stored in this way did not lose its good appearance or taste overnight.

The onion slice method was also found to be quite effective, although not without the unwanted side effects. The avocado fruit was filled with onion aroma. On the other hand, the oil, had made the edible part of the avocado overnight too soft.  The results of the lemon and water methods were considered a waste of time.

In conclusion, if you want to keep the avocado cut in half fresh for longer, wrap the avocado half with the whole spit in the middle in a food film. Then store in the refrigerator.

However, I your avocados always seem to be too hard, then you could use some tips on How to ripen avocados.

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May your avocados always be ripe and tasty!

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