ZEESOCKS: a perfect gift for your geeky gamer friend


Everyone of us has that geeky gamer friend, which lives in that virtual world that you don’t really understand, so a finding the perfect gift for gamer is always a challange. As much as we love that friend, we never know what gift to get to that person on birthday or Christamas. Another game? But we don’t know what’s trending and what would that person like. It’s always risky. 

But there is always one type of present that you can’t go wrong with – a ZEESOCKS.COM gift card. And in this arcticle we will explain why it is such a cool gift idea!

Firstly, you always need new socks at some point

Every person (even if that person lives mostly in his mancave) from time to time will need to get a new socks.

Usually, we just settle with a boring pair of socks at a local retail store and, thus, people around you have same socks as you. So its pretty cool if you have a gift card to get an original pair of colorful and fun socks. 

zee socks

Secondly, did you know you can have fun while online shopping?

Yes, ZEESOCKS.COM is a very rare case of online shopping experience that is actually fun. Why?

They have built so much to entertain and make the experience fun:

  • The design is really, really cool – basically it looks like a retro sci-fi console game; 
  • You get points for different things on site like for playing game, for shopping, making reviews etc.;
  • The points will unlock achievements, so you can rank-up and get promoted to a new permanent discount level;
  • There is generally a lot of cool content like cartoons, space blogs etc.

Do you know another e-commerce store that does that? An incredible amount of content and that vibe is just so cool! We don’t get why it is still not sitting on Awwwards.com top retro sci-fi design top!

zee socks

Thirdly, there is an immense choice of cool and colorful socks!

There are so many categories to choose from – space nostalgia, fruits, food, games etc.

Some of the coolest ones that we would recommend:

And each of them has a great story behind told in line with their sci-fi lore! Check them all out here

The coolest part is that each sock can be seen from all angles by watching videos of each product within their shop. And last, but not least cool thing about their site is that it even runs affiliate marketing features, so if you really like the concept and you have a lot of gamer friends or audience, you can earn some quick buck just by refering people to that page. 

We hope you now found a good gift for a gamer!

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