Where to find cheap wooden box crates

Wooden boxes and crates are what we love using both for storage and design in our homes and offices. There is just something beautiful and practical about them that makes everything better. So we wanted to find out where to find cheap wooden boxes to decorate and share our findings with you.

However, even when finding cheap deals, the quality of the product is always important to us. So we took into consideration these both aspects – the price and the quality in order to find the best performance wooden crates for cheaper. 

So in this article we have compiled a list of places where to find cheap wooden boxes to decorate your home or office with.

Wooden crate from HobbyCraft

cheap wooden box crates

Founded in 1995, Hobbycraft has since grown to a nationwide business with over 100 stores across the whole UK. It offers a wide range of products for anybody with a hobby and love for crafting. We must say that wooden crates are also a great help in crafting therefore those can too be found in these stores both online and in physical stores.

As seen in the photos above of Hobbycraft, wooden crates can be used for decorating, storage and even putting a gift into them. They have a few box options, but the one we chose is in sizes 40cm x 30cm x 18cm and goes for 13 EUR currently or 11.19 in pounds. 

Prices vary since a different design and a smaller crate costs € 8.49 currently or 7.31 in pounds. Its sizes are what follows – 24cm x 16cm x 10cm. 

Wooden Crates from Amazon.co

cheap wooden box crates amazon

Amazon is a place that you can get nearly everything from. That of course includes many options in where to buy hay color crates in the UK. In the photo above we found two pretty simple yet popular crate options for you to check out.

The first one of the left has some personalization options so it can have a text on it if you’d like any. It is in size L34 x l24 x H18cm and costs £14.00 currently. The other option is in sizing 32cm x 21cm x 12.5cm and it costs £14.99 currently. 

Amazon is particularly good for buying sets of crates, those can be a better deal and cost less money. So if you are in need of hay colour crates for more than a few, Amazon will be a good and fast way of getting them. 

Vintage crates from Smithers of Stamford

cheap wooden boxes to decorate

Smithers of Stamford is a furniture store in the UK that offers a wide range of not only that but also a bunch of accessories and design pieces. And because they source their beautiful pieces from independent designers, you can be sure that your home or business will be truly unique.

As we were searching for hay colour crates in the UK, Smithers of Stamford surprised us with a unique range of wooden crates in vintage designs. As seen in the photo above, the designs are truly cool and fun looking. 

The Coca Cola crate costs £25.00, but the other crate goes for £29.00 currently. So if you’re willing to pay for design as well as practicality, these are fun options. 

Wooden boxes from the King of the Crates

cheap wooden boxes to decorate

Finally there is a brand called The King of the Crates that has all kinds of wooden crates and boxes both for storage and design. We chose to look at the ones that you can see in the photo above. 

The crates on the left come in sizes 50x40x30 cm and go for £7.45 each. The more you buy, the more discounts are being applied. For example, buy 4 for £7.30 each and save 2%. Buy 12 for £7.07 each and save 5%.

When it comes to crates on the right, one costs £13.16 because of the better quality and bigger size. It is 54x36x21 cm. The color is pretty, light wood and will fit into most of the modern designs. Besides, you can always easily paint these wooden boxes any color you’d like.

Colorwood Latvia wooden boxes and crates

color wood latvia boxes

When it comes to cheap wooden box crates, it is best finding a company that can sell you these products in sets. Similar to the previously mentioned way of the more you buy, the cheaper it is, Colorwood Latvia operates too. You must write them a message asking about your specific order and how much it would cost.

The best part about Colorwood Latvia is both the huge variety of different kinds of crates as well as their personalization options. You can choose designs, logos and prints that you would like to see on your wooden box crates.

Find out more on Color Wood Latvia website and see for yourself how wide their range of wooden boxes are.

Now that you know where to find cheap wooden boxes to decorate, hopefully you find ones that you also love to use!

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