Watermelon Cutter – Their Part in Grocery Stores

When summer comes, the season of not only vegetables, but also fruits comes into play in supermarkets. So have you ever wondered how these fruits are prepared for sale? Cutting them is one of the processes of the workpiece, so in this article we want to highlight such a device as a watermelon cutter.

Large fruits such as watermelons, melons, and even pumpkins are often sold halved or even quartered. As it turns out, many stores are responsible for cutting them themselves.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why fruit slicing is important, and why exactly a watermelon cutter turns out to be a versatile tool that would be useful for stores.

Why is fruit cutting important in stores?

There are several reasons why a watermelon slicer is a great tool that grocery stores need. From efficiency to safety measures. However, if we focus on why fruit cutting is important in general, sales promotion is often the most important concept for stores.

The cutting devices do a very self-explanatory job – they cut the fruits, which are then packaged accordingly and put on sale. But what isn’t immediately obvious is their impact on sales. Not everyone will want to buy a whole watermelon when they see it. It’s just not as eye-catching as a juicy, pink watermelon that’s already cut.

It is only about the visual appearance that attracts the buyer’s attention. And the watermelon slicer is the tool that takes care of this marketing strategy. Often we don’t even know how juicy that watermelon is inside, full of seeds, dark pink in color or not at all… Another reason why the fruit slicer perfectly fulfills its task and not only that.

Slicers allow grocery stores to meet these changing customer demands by offering customizable options. For example, not everyone wants to buy a whole watermelon – you can’t eat it all, nor can you take it home alone. With today’s consumer preferences, slicers are contributing to the overall growth and sales of grocery stores.

cutting fruits in stores

Industrial watermelon cutter – how does it work?

Now that we know that fruit is cut in most stores for the reasons listed above, the question arises as to how this happens. Mostly, this process is not done by hand, at least not in big Latvian stores.

A tool like a watermelon cutter comes to the rescue. It is of course also suitable for slicing other fruits and even vegetables. But we know it specifically as the watermelon slicer from Retail Master. They ship it worldwide.

They have also listed the main benefits of this tool:

  • Safety – no need to cut on the table;
  • Time efficiency – the cutting process takes much less time;
  • Accuracy – the device cuts slices equally precisely;
  • Lower costs – the cutting process results in lower costs;
  • Universal device – the ability to cut various fruits, vegetables and much more.
Watermelon cutter retail master

The idea of introducing and creating such a product came from Retail Master’s cooperation partners from Norway. They supply grocery stores with various types of equipment, thus being able to see what else is missing. It was also concluded that work efficiency and safety could be facilitated by a fruit slicer.

Efficiency is one of the biggest benefits that owners of this tool get. When conducting surveys, Retail Master partners discovered that one medium-sized store sells around 10 tons of watermelons during the active season. 

Therefore, cutting watermelons by hand alone sounds like a very tedious and dangerous process.

After learning more about what a watermelon cutter is and what it is used for in grocery stores, we can’t imagine stores without it now.

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