Electric cars by Tesla: history of the brand and car models


Tesla is a very popular and well-known American company that produces the environmentally friendly Tesla electric cars and more. In addition, they also produce clean energy, founded in 2003 by entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning. The company is named after the famous inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. 

It must be said, however, that Elon Musk is the main person associated with Tesla’s success and also with its visibility. He started out as Chairman of the Board and later became CEO.

In this article, we decided to take a look at what these environmentally friendly Tesla electric cars are all about and the history behind the brand’s success. We also summarized the Tesla cars and their models.

Tesla brand history – highlights at a glance

Tesla is a well-known company, but we are interested in learning more about its history. So let’s start at the beginning. Tesla was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning to develop electric vehicles. The main objective was to make them competitive with, and also superior to, traditional petrol-powered cars.

One year after the company was founded, in 2004, Elon Musk, entrepreneur and co-founder of PayPal, became a major investor in Tesla. Musk saw the potential of electric vehicles and increased his stake in the company. 

After all, we all know the story, because Musk quickly became the CEO of Tesla and played a key role in shaping Tesla’s future. This is also evident in the way Tesla’s corporate culture has changed over time.

Tesla electric cars by their models

In this section, we look at Tesla’s 5 electric car models.

Roadster model

roadster first tesla car

Tesla’s main goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy by creating electric vehicles and renewable energy products. The company’s initial product was the Tesla Roadster, an all-electric sports car unveiled in 2008. 

It was the first electric vehicle legally on the road to use lithium-ion batteries.

While the Roadster received positive feedback on its performance and driving experience, Tesla encountered various problems. Most notably, production delays, high costs and limited availability. These problems led the company to focus on developing more affordable and mass-market electric vehicles.

Tesla Model S

tesla s car

With the need for a more affordable model, Tesla’s luxury all-electric sedan, the Model S, was launched in 2012, marking a major milestone in Tesla’s history and earning praise for its high mileage, high performance and sleek design.

Tesla’s Model S was a commercial success, attracting widespread attention from consumers and automotive experts. Soon came real positive feedback. It showed the potential of electric vehicles to compete with traditional petrol cars. At least in terms of performance and performance characteristics.

Model X

model x car

Then, in 2015, Tesla launched the Model X, an electric SUV or sports utility vehicle (SUV) featuring wing doors and advanced technologies. It offered versatility, spaciousness and luxury features, further expanding Tesla’s product range.

Of course, there were some production challenges. The start of Model X production presented various production challenges. These included complications related to the unique wing-type doors, which initially caused delays and production constraints.

Model 3

tesla electric car model 3

Tesla’s popularity soared with the introduction of the Model 3 in 2017. The Model 3 was designed to be a more affordable electric car and aimed to bring electric cars to the mass market. It quickly became one of the best-selling electric cars in the world and played an important role in the overall promotion of electric cars.

The launch of the Model 3 was accompanied by a major effort to increase production volumes and streamline production processes. Tesla faced difficulties in meeting initial production targets, but made progress over time.

The relatively low price of Tesla’s new Model 3, combined with its impressive range and features, contributed to its popularity. As a result, Tesla’s market presence also increased significantly. During this period, Tesla’s name was already becoming more visible in the public eye.

Cybertruck & Model Y

electric car model tesla Y

Tesla is wasting no time as it has continued to innovate and expand its product range. In 2019, the company unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck, an all-electric pick-up with a futuristic design and impressive performance specifications. It was undoubtedly the moment that broke the internet. Everyone was talking about this model.

In addition, Tesla is also launching the Model Y, a compact electric sports SUV, in 2020. Tesla has also expanded its offer beyond vehicles by offering energy storage solutions. They offer this with products such as Powerwall and Powerpack, as well as solar energy solutions with solar panels and solar roof tiles. More on this in the article below.

Transition to sustainable energy

sustainability tesla brand

In addition to electric cars, Tesla is also developing sustainable energy solutions. This is more important than ever today, as is evident in the support the company has received in this area. 

Tesla produces energy storage products that store electricity for homes, businesses and utility projects. Tesla’s solar division offers solar panels and solar roof tiles that allow individuals and businesses to generate their own clean energy.

Of course, Tesla has played an important role in the development of electric vehicle technology and infrastructure. The company has invested in a network of Supercharger stations, which are fast-charging stations that allow Tesla owners to easily cover long distances. Tesla has also sought to increase the availability of electric vehicles by expanding its global manufacturing capabilities and reducing the cost of battery production.

In conclusion, Tesla has revolutionized the automotive industry. It has significantly promoted electric vehicles, while doing so within the limits of sustainability. Tesla has become synonymous with innovation and clean energy, and Elon Musk’s vision is driving the company’s growth and impact on the world.

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