Revolut is an effective choice for daily payments

The world is becoming more and more digitised with every upcoming day. That’s especially relevant when it comes to paying. Nowadays more people prefer doing it with a credit card, rather than cash. It’s just proven to be more convenient. Therefore, finding a good credit card is an especially relevant topic at the moment, which is a good reason to introduce you with a Revolut card.

The money transfer between various cards has become unnecessarily expensive. It is for free only if the beneficiary and the sender are clients of the same bank. The Revolut card is also a good option in this area since money transfers are for free. 

About this and several more reasons why Revolut card is one of the best solutions, read the article down below.

Commission-free transfers

Commissions on transferring money to another bank account have become quite expensive. Especially if you have to regularly transfer money to others on a daily basis. The Revolut card provides free transfers to any other bank – no commission fee.

It is particularly convenient to use the Revolut credit card on a daily basis when you have to share payments with friends or colleagues. For example, your colleague went out during a break and brought you back some lunch. If you have to transfer €2 to a colleague for lunch, then paying the 35-cent commission seems absurd.

The Revolut card also has a group invoice function that allows you to split the payments into equal parts with friends. This is particularly useful in cases where a group of friends order a large pizza for dinner or, for example, share the costs of petrol on a road trip etc.

Recipients can be easily found by phone number

Another advantage for the Revolut card is simply managing your contacts. You do not need to search for account numbers and manually type them in. All contacts are searched by phone number, similar to the one in the contact section of the phone. You can see all at once which of the existing contacts have a Revolut card and which do not.

There is also a possibility of transferring money to a nearby device. 

The aim of the Revolut is to make money transfers as simple and convenient as possible.

Revolut is effective choice for daily payments

Fast and cost-effective international transfers

As we’ve learnt, money transfers on Revolut take place without commission. What’s also great is that transfers are very fast. It is often common that online bank payments may take up to several days, especially when money is sent on holidays or to a different bank user. With Revolut the money is transferred in a few moments, including abroad.

It’s worth mentioning that exchange rates are also highly democratic. Revolut company’s goal isn’t to earn on exchange rate.

Safe place to save your money

With Revolut it is convenient not only to spend money, but also to save up. It’s possible to create your own savings account, which, unlike other banks, can be immediately available at any time. Often you must contact the bank in order to get your savings and then wait for up to a few days. Not with Revolut.

There are several ways to save your money with a Revolut credit card. It can be selected manually in the Revolut application. 

The top 3 ways to save your money are the following:

  1. Simply transfer the amount optional to your savings box;
  2. Implement the monthly amount sent to the cash box automatically;
  3. When you make a purchase, the amount is rounded up and the remaining cents are directed into a savings account, which can also be doubled if wanted.
Revolut is effective choice for daily payments

Group wallet – a convenient way to start a joint purchase

The Revolut card is even more extensive because you can also save money with your family or friends. Similar to the savings box mentioned before, the group wallet has the same ways to cash in. This is especially convenient when a larger purchase is planned for common benefit.

This is a good way to set a common goal and aim for it. This function can be helpful if family or friends are planning a joint trip or dream holiday.

Revolut is creating the world’s first truly global financial superuser. In 2015, Revolut started in the UK, offering cash transfers and shifts. Currently, Revolut customers around the world use dozens of innovative Revolut products to make more than 100 million transactions a month. This is a safe and growing company that just keeps thriving.

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