Mens 40th birthday – how far until midlife crisis?

The older we get the more our round birthdays tend to get to us. In the reality of things, it is just a number changing but in our society – it isn’t just a number, is it? When you’re in your twenties, hitting the 30th birthday feels frightening although the best years are only yet to come. But what about the 40th birthday?

Although every gender can experience getting older quite differently, it is common that men acquire somewhat of a midlife crisis before their 50s. Therefore mens 40th birthday is the time it might start happening.

In this article we were curious to see what to expect – what is a midlife crisis and how to deal with it.

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Midlife crisis – time to question your identity

Human’s brain is meant to always be wondering about what is reality and what could have been. The few times we all experience some mental crises are most likely to connect with the search for our identity. It’s not that uncommon to hear about a quarter life crisis these days as well as having some sort of identity crisis even earlier – before high school.

These crises when you are still so very young mostly depend on searching for who we are and what is the purpose of life. There is so much yet ahead of us so the pressure to get your life the right way can truly get to you.

Similar train of thought is happening all the way in our 40s and 50s. A strong urge to change something, looking back at life and wondering if all the right choices were made. At the end of the day it is all about our identity – who we are and whether we did a good job at figuring that out.

Since this article is more about men, is there a difference between men and women in the experience of midlife crisis? Man can traditionally be quite career oriented, which could possibly lead to a midlife sort of crisis around the age of 40. So if we’re talking specifically about men in this article – is mens 40th birthday the time to be worried about? How is midlife crises even defined?

Signs of a midlife crisis

midlife crisis 40th birthday

According to Men’s Health Forum

‘’A midlife crisis is a controversial condition or syndrome which some doctors and psychologists think affects many men in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Some believe it has mainly psychological causes while others argue that it’s related to hormonal changes. Other health professionals argue that there’s no such condition, however, and that the symptoms often associated with mid-life crisis have other causes.’’

There are a few signs to look out for the reaching of the so mentioned crisis.

Apathy and depression

One of the first signs to look for is the feeling of apathy or depression. Nothing just seems to make sense anymore or have a meaning attached to it. It can seem that life is simply just coming at you at its own pace leaving you with no control over it.

Living life on autopilot

The lack of previously mentioned sense of control can make you sort of live on autopilot. Keep doing the same everyday tasks and responsibilities because they have to get done. Not because they bring you joy anymore.

Lack of purpose

Coming back to the identity crisis – lack of purpose is one of the signs for midlife crisis. You might not be sure that there is still anything you can add on to this world. This lack of purpose can be truly hard to take on.

Willing to walk away from the life you’ve made

Since you are not left feeling happy or satisfied anymore, it can lead to wanting to walk away from the life you have built. Sudden big life changes are definitely worth asking yourself where this need came from.

Drastic everyday changes

Quitting your job can be one of the drastic changes however those can also look differently. Midlife crisis makes us want to change something up in everyday life which is not necessarily a bad thing unless it makes sense.

Sense of no time left

The thought is the clock ticking faster and faster can be one of the reasons for a midlife crisis. The sense that time is running out and you have to take life more seriously. This can lead to feeling not happy about the everyday life you’re living at the moment.

Midlife crisis coping mechanisms

midlife crisis

Generally age is nothing to be fearful of since that is the inevitable part of life. Maybe that is the scary part of it all, however there is nothing we can truly do about it except accept it and make the most of every situation life gives us. What do they say about lemons there?

One of the coping strategies we would encourage you to not fear is making change. It is not a bad thing to realize that you crave some change in your daily routine. 

And there are so many things you can change, even the smallest of them:

  • Make more time for your family, 
  • Go traveling more often, 
  • Switch up your breakfasts, 
  • Give meditation a try,
  • Take on a media cleanse,
  • Try a creative hobby,
  • Connect to nature and go camping,
  • Hang out with like minded people etc.

Try to find something that makes your heart full with joy – then do that thing more often!

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