Cold brew – drink your coffee all year round

Cold brew

Coffee is one of those drinks that millions of people choose as their pick-me-up every single morning. There’s nothing like a good cup of hot coffee before starting your day. In the summertime you might want to switch to a more weather appropriate alternative, for example, cold brew.

Infused Water: Healthy Recipes

Infused Water: Healthy Recipes

It’s a pretty well known fact that a person should drink about 2 liters of water during the day. Some people succeed quite well, while others don’t. One of the reasons why it might be challenging is quite simple – drinking water tends to be boring. To give it a better taste, it is worth experimenting with different flavors.

How to make your room cozy

It’s not easy to fill an empty room so it would turn out both practical and easthetically pleasing. However, there are some interior  tips that come in handy in such situation. Pay attention to the rug The size of a rug matters. Another important thing – its’ purpose. For example, in the living room you … Read more

How to find a good gift

Find gift

It’s common to give someone a gift due different sorts of celebration. When it’s someone’s birthday, we look for a gift  that would make them feel special and loved. Christmas is super busy –  you have to find gifts both for your family and friends. Shopping for gifts is not the easiest thing in the … Read more