How to motivate millennials in the workplace


In order to maintain a successful business, it is important to go with the time. Companies these days face countless challenges – markets and technologies are changing, which has also happened in generations of employees. Millennials are ones to fill up the most job positions therefore the question to ask right now is how to motivate millennials in the workplace.

Motivation can be done in many ways yet every generation has slightly different values. It is very important to look at where we are as a society now and then figure out how to give your employees the motivation they need.

For some it might be measured by increased income, for others change of workspace environment.

In this article let’s find out about the best ways to motivate millennials in the workplace.

Treat each person as an individual

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People are different, and their motivation tends to be different as well. It is determined by each person’s personality, ambitions, career plans, family status and other factors. We know that it can be difficult in huge companies yet the modern times require special attention to the employees. Times are different.

One person will be motivated by an unplanned business trip and the opportunity to present their project there. For someone else it will mean a headache about how to reorganize the logistics of the children’s school and clubs, stress about the lack of time to prepare the presentation, etc. 

Similarly, some may be motivated by a promotion or additional work responsibilities, while others may be motivated by the opportunity to work from home or flexible working hours. It is worth talking to employees to understand what is most important to each of them. And to be able to choose the most suitable for each of them from all the motivational tools.

Set challenging yet realistic goals

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Goals that are too easy to achieve do not motivate, but they also will not provide the necessary motivation. They will rather create stress in people than the desire to achieve them. 

Therefore, it is important to find a middle ground that allows you to see in these challenges something inspiring, promising growth and recognition, and makes you strive. It is best if the goals can be discussed and the employee also participates in setting them. This will motivate them more to achieve what has to be done.

On the other hand, if the goal is ambitious and it takes a long time to achieve it, it is important to divide the path into smaller segments. Otherwise, without seeing rapid progress, the employee may lose motivation.

Ensure work flexibility

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One trend that has especially been incorporated into the modern workspace is flexibility. Perhaps the pandemic showed us that much of the work can be done in a flexible schedule. And for that reason working in hybrid systems is more popular than ever before.

What the hybrid module looks like is having flexible opportunities. Some days can be spent in the office while others can be spent working remotely.  An article How to stay productive while working from home could come in handy. 

Millennials especially value this opportunity because it can be very exhausting to work a 9 to 5 job. Eight hours a day kind of work is not always the best option nowadays. Therefore a hybrid work schedule can be one way to make your company a lot more flexible and appealing to employees.

Create inspiring environment

how to motivate millennials in the workplace

Although employees are different and their motivators are also different, there are also unifying things and principles that can help to increase motivation. One way to motivate millennials in the workplace is to create an inspiring environment. Once again – times have changed and blank office spaces are no longer here to stay.

Choose colors that can be incorporated into the workplace, add plants, and a motivational canvas. Of course the environment is made not only visually. Inspirational leaders can help to create an environment where people are happy to show initiative, express their suggestions, are not afraid to make mistakes in search of the best solution, and where everyone feels in their rightful place.

It is also desirable to change routines or habits from time to time to allow employees to see new opportunities. And perhaps solve a business need from a completely different perspective.

Provide fair pay

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Everyone wants to be paid fairly for their work, and it should be transparent and equal. If a person learns that a colleague with similar experience and knowledge for the same job is getting paid more, it will definitely have a negative effect on their motivation. 

Also, if the salary will be lower than in a similar position in other companies, the employee’s enthusiasm and loyalty can significantly decrease. And, of course, a salary that fails to ensure the satisfaction of basic human needs can mean problems with attracting qualified and motivated employees and a “I do what I get paid for” attitude. 

However, material evaluation is not the only motivator. It is also important for employees to feel that their work has meaning. It is important to learn and build their further career, as well as to receive recognition for a job well done. But in times when everything gets more expensive so fast, fair pay is still important.

Show appreciation

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Kind words and praise are motivating – and not only when they are expressed by the manager.  Sometimes it is even more important for an employee to be praised for a specific, well-done task by a more experienced colleague or industry expert. 

It is important to create an environment where not only reasonable criticism is expressed, but much more. It is praise and support, offers to help and suggestions on how to find a solution. You don’t need great achievements to praise someone. You can also say good and encouraging words about everyday attitude, ideas and cooperation. 

And also for the leader, the recognition of their team is very important. Everyone wants to be valued and important.

Hope these tips on how to motivate millennials in the workplace helped!

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