Sustainable hydration – Waterdrop Microdrinks

Waterdrop is our new find in the terms of brands that promote hydration. Since drinking enough water daily is very important, we love supporting brands that promote this kind of message. What interests us the most, is the brand’s ways of doing so. Waterdrop is known for a unique way of promoting hydration – with Microdrinks that make your water taste amazing.

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In this article we will find out more about the sustainable hydration that the brand Waterdrop offers. Let’s find out more on this brand’s products, ideas and goals.

Waterdrop – there is something in the water

There are more and more brands that encourage people to drink more water – educating on why it is so important to consume enough water daily. They do so by offering their sustainable water bottles in hopes it will help others to drink more water. This is where Waterdrop has a slightly different angle. They understand that simple water just doesn’t work for everybody.

We are sure you know at least one person in your life who struggles greatly to drink water. We sure know plenty – that is partly why the subject of hydration is so interesting to us here at Fleble. There are some people who struggle to drink water, it tastes bland and boring to them. So Waterdrop thought, why not give the people what they want and keep them healthy at it. That’s how their Microdrinks were created. Healthy and flavorful. 

As the brand cleverly plays with the line ‘’There is something in the water’’, they are helping hundreds and thousands of people stay hydrated on a daily basis. 

waterdrop bottles

Microdrinks – real taste of fruits and plants

So while the whole idea of taking pure water and adding a tasty Microdrink to it is great, a question arises. What is inside these Microdrinks? 

The brand works with many countries including Brazil, India and Africa to get the best flavors possible. They harvest some amazing plants and berries which then are distilled and later dried in a special process. This way all the plants and berries are turned into powder – saving the aroma of the original plants.

Despite the drinks tasting very well, the Waterdrop brand assures us that there is 0 sugar. To contribute to healthy water intake, the taste has not been sacrificed with the addition of unhealthy sugars.

waterdrop microdrinks

Different flavors for different people

There are about 10 flavors of the Microdrinks and a few of the Microtea. As the brand says itself, there are many different flavors available for different people and their moods. You might crave something sweet one day and maybe something more earthy and fresh the next day.

Here’s what flavors you’ll find available on Waterdrop.


  • NERO – Cola nut, guarana, blackberry, vitamins B6, C, B12;
  • BOOST – Blackcurrant, elderflower, açaí, vitamins B6, C, B12;
  • FLAIR – Elderflower, lime blossom, raspberry, vitamins C, E, Biotin;
  • GLOW – Mango, cactus fruit, artichoke, vitamins B1, E, C;
  • YOUTH – Peach, ginger, ginseng , aloe vera, vitamins C, B2, B3;
  • LOVE – Pomegranate, goji berry, acerola, vitamins B6, C, Thiamin, Potassium;
  • VIBE – Physalis, rosemary, peppermint, vitamins C, B6, E;
  • ZEN – Star fruit, thyme, lemon grass, vitamins B1, C, Biotin;
  • SHIRO – Cherry blossom, lime blossom, ginseng, vitamins C, Niacin, Pantothenic acid;
  • FOCUS – Lime, acerola,green coffee, vitamins C, B1, B5. 


  • MELLOW MINT – Mint, lemon verbena, apple;
  • FRUIT FUSION – Raspberry, blueberry, rose hip.

One package has 12 Microdrinks in it. There are also a few starter pack options where you can buy a set of flavors for cheaper and smaller quantities. That way you can find the flavor you enjoy the most.

Huge variety of products

Other than the fun Microdrinks it’s worth to mention that Waterdrop is a water bottle brand. In fact they have quite a huge sort of products starting from water bottles and tumblers all the way to accessories such as backpacks, coasters and more.

The designs of Waterdrop’s water bottles are fun and colorful. They perfectly show the whole personality of the idea that’s behind these flavorful Microdrinks. It’s all about the fresh and bright colors of berries and other fruits and plants. There are also some more simple and minimalistic designs available, of course, as seen in the photo below.

waterdrop products

Saving the planet along the way

The idea of making tasty drinks for people is unique and definitely interesting enough to try out. However, we don’t want to forget that a huge part of the brand’s message is also about reducing the amount of plastic in the world and limiting their CO2 usage as much as possible.

More than 95% of the packaging is getting saved by recycling. Since the Microdrinks are made from real fruits and veggies, they have to be preserved in a special kind of way. That does require some extra packaging however the brand promises it’s recycled. 

And since only the pure essence of the drink is being shipped, it is very light. Anyone who has water in their homes, can use the tablets and create a flavorful drink. The cost and the amount of used CO2 of the shipping therefore is very small.

Worth a mention that the brand is also working with amazing companies such as Plastic Bank. For every Waterdrop product sold, 1 plastic bottle is being collected from the environment. 

That’s a pretty amazing place to start from. 

Hope you enjoyed this article on learning more about yet another amazing and sustainable water bottle brand. 

Check them out!

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