Best gifts for horror movie fans


Horror films scare us, entertain us and keep us up at night. And yet, for some reason, we always want to watch more. If you know a friend who is a true horror fan at heart, don’t be afraid to give them something unique, because that’s what lets them know you’re thinking of them and remembering their interests.

Here we’ve rounded up the best gifts that will appeal to every horror movie fan. Whether you’re a fan of classic horror films or a modern film enthusiast, there’s something for everyone.

Bone shaped candles

Bone shaped candles

If you want to scare or delight someone, this gothic candle will be a wonderful surprise. Give it to friends or family to celebrate a special occasion. It is sure to captivate everyone who sees it.

The spine candle is the most unique candle in the shop for lovers of horror films and gothic home decor. The candle is handmade in a workshop in the UK and can be purchased from The Blackened Teeth website or their Etsy shop. The candle is available in three different colours and other body part designs such as skull, heart or brain are also available.

Top 100 horror films poster

Top 100 horror movies poster

This scratch-off poster is the perfect gift for horror movie fans. If you know someone, or if you want to become one yourself, order this poster today and it will provide film recommendations for 100 movie nights.

The idea is simple – look at the poster to find out what horror film to watch, make sure you watch it, even if you have to hide behind the sofa, and once you’ve watched it, scratch the film off the poster with trembling hands to reveal a gruesome illustration of the film.

The film poster includes a selection of films that have become classics as well as contemporary films based on a number of popular reviews. Each film is accompanied by its director, year and country of origin. Once all the films have been watched, the poster can be easily framed and will serve as an interesting work of art. It can be purchased from Amazon.

Horror flowerpot

Horror flowerpot

This hanging planter will stand out in any home. It’s perfect for plants, and will also make a great gift for a lover of gothic or horror films.

The design is unique, inspired by well-known villains from horror movies such as Scream, Halloween, Saw and Friday the 13th. All designs can be ordered from Mayhem Made and cannot be found anywhere else.

Mayhem Made creates designs, 3D prints and hand finish each product so they are completely unique. Each product may therefore vary slightly. Products sell out fast so keep an eye out as the stock is replenished every fortnight on Sunday.

Video games

Video games

Much like horror movies, the fundamental appeal of scary video games is that they allow us to engage with horror without actually being in any danger. No doubt your horror movie-loving friend would love to receive these games as a gift.

Finding the perfect gifts for video game players is as hard as beating the last boss battle! Whether you’re shopping for your husband, girlfriend, roommate or best friend, we’ve got a Top seven horror video games article that’s full of horror video game recommendations.

Scary colouring book

Scary colouring book

This scary but incredibly detailed book is like art therapy for the insane. The book invites horror fans to discover their inner artist. The intricate black and white illustrations are waiting to be complemented with colours that will reveal frightening scenes just like in horror movies.

In Beauty Horror, you’ll encounter burial sites, zombie apocalypses, serial killer abodes and horrifying torture chambers. Horror fans and newcomers alike welcome this eerie and creative journey into a blood-soaked new world. You can buy Beauty Horror, its sequels or other horror colouring books on Amazon.

Witches’ cookie cutters

Bowl in the shape of a witch's cauldron

A balanced diet is a biscuit in every hand! Ready to surprise someone with these cute magic biscuit moulds? A set of three cookie cutters containing a spell book, a crystal ball and a set of crystals – ready for action in the kitchen! Black case with practical handle for easy grip.

It would make a great gift for a horror film and witchcraft fan who also likes to work in the kitchen. These unique cookie cutters are available in the Killstar online shop. You can also add one of the shop’s luxury spell teacups to the gift set.

Bowl in the shape of a witch’s cauldron

Bowl in the shape of a witch's cauldron

Do you pretend you’re making a magic potion when you make soup? Then this bowl with a removable lid and matching broom spoon will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Traditionally, such pots were used for mixing potions or cooking over an open fire. It would therefore be an ideal vessel for soups.

You can buy this bowl and other interesting accessories and decor on HowCurious? website. It will make a great gift for lovers of witchcraft. The gift set can also be completed with matching salt and pepper shakers.

Skull ice mould

Skull ice mould

Why settle for mediocre ice cubes in your drinks when there are skull ice cubes? You can buy one on Amazon now that makes huge 3D skull heads and will add a seasonal touch to any drink.

The mould is made of flexible silicone. The black tray makes four skull ice cubes. To make the cubes, just fill the bottom tray and press the lid firmly on the tray. This will make the perfect gift, giving your drink a great look and keeping it cool for longer.

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