Best burnout car videos


Burnouts are a big part of car culture nowadays. There are both practical and entertainment reasons as to why burnouts are done. In this article We will explain a bit about the reasons in last sentence and then watch some powerful, interesting and breathtaking burnout cars in action.

The origins of burnouts can be traced to drag racing, where they have a practical purpose: drag racing slicks perform better at higher temperatures, and a burnout is the quickest way to raise tire temperature immediately prior to a race. They also clean the tire of any debris and lay down a layer of rubber by the starting line for better traction. “ – Wikipedia on burnout  

Nowadays burnouts have started to become used as a way of entertainment. There are many reasons why people like them:

  • Demonstrates car’s power
  • Gives an adrenaline rush
  • An expression of joy and fun
  • Visually and audibly pleasing
  • Brings car lover community together

The reasons mentioned above are probably the reasons You will watch the videos down below. Leave a comment on what You think about the videos.

Burnout videos

Hellcat burnout

Hellcats are well known for having higher horsepower than the tires can handle. The Redeye model seen in the video has 797 horsepower with it’s supercharged V-8 engine. That, of course, means awesome and powerful Hellcat burnouts, donuts and drifting possibilities.
This video is probably my favourite one of the article. Pure love for the car and it’s community.

Motorcycle burnout

Who said bournouts can’t be interesting for children and women? This video shows how motorcycle burnouts can be used in a creative way. Turning down the heat compared to other videos with Honda Blackbird, loving father and a big family meeting.

Fancy Tesla

Electric cars can also keep up with diesel run cars in terms of performance. Not only Tesla is becoming very recognised as a electric car choice, it also creates other questions about it. This classy and well mannered Tesla burnout will answer to one of possible questions You might have had.

Legendary Camaro footage

We continue with a video that is on Youtube for 16! years. The feeling, the sound and visuals of Camaro burnout cannot be matched. This video gives me slight goosebumps because of the nostalgic feel.


This article would not be complete, if we did not include rather unique forms of transport. This GoKart burnout is a prime example of my statement. Write down in the comments what You think about this burnout and if it matched your expectations.

School bus burnout

A lot of american kids that love cars, have always thought of a school bus burnout. What it looks like? Does it sound cool? Now we have the answer. Now we know what we should do on next school trip. When You watch the video, also notice the perfect black and white smoke harmony.

Diesel Freak

When You think of a powerful burnout, You probably think of Mustang or Dodge. Instead, actually the answer lies in something much bigger. Something that simply has more horsepower. Truck burnout! Ladies and gentlemen, beast in action.

Mustangs show off

Now we will take Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake to the streets and let regular drivers have a look at it too. Mustang burnout with such rare model is a sight to see. Watch the whole video for extra burnouts and surprises.

Warbird burnout

Let’s close the video series with a legendary car 1965 Ford XP Falcon (known as warbird) showcasing what energy it has inside it. Enjoy the Warbird burnout!

How to do burnout yourself

  1. Car requirements – You need a car with high horsepower and your tyres’ torque force should exceed your car’s weight. Additionally, choose tires with smoother surface.
  2. Fully Press the clutch – Now fire up the engine to reach 3,000 to 3,500 RPM (revolutions per minute) on your tachometer to heat up your tires.
  3. Pull up handbrake – It is important for your car not to lunch forward when you release the clutch.
  4. Let go of clutch – and let the burnout start! To stop the burnout, release the accelerator and push the clutch.

If You want to be cautious with your car or don’t own one yet, then there are other alternatives for doing burnouts. One of them is picking up a great racing game like Burnout Paradise that features legendary cars and has nice feel for drifting and doing stunts.

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