How to keep avocados fresh

How to keep avocados fresh for longer

In this article how to best protect cut open avocados from spoilage, so that they don’t not lose their freshness, good appearance and great taste properties for several days.

work from home tips

How to stay productive while working from home

While working from home can be very efficient and, no doubt, comfortable, not everybody can maintain their high levels of productivity for long. Therefore it’s important to figure out how to stay productive while working from home.

Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle – small bottle, big impact

We are happy to find more and more of awesome sustainable water bottle brands that are trying to change the world day by day. Let us introduce to you an amazing brand that goes by the name of Ocean Bottle

educational wall decals

Best educational wall decals for kids

You can learn a lot from different wall decals – counting, reading, recognizing animals, countries, transports, etc. We’ve compiled the main pros of educational wall decals in this article.

Cold brew

Cold brew – drink your coffee all year round

Coffee is one of those drinks that millions of people choose as their pick-me-up every single morning. There’s nothing like a good cup of hot coffee before starting your day. In the summertime you might want to switch to a more weather appropriate alternative, for example, cold brew.